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In cases where you do not trust the functionality of your system or need to format and reinstall the XP operating system to ensure that Windows XP files such as IE are not functioning properly and replace the original files instead of the possible malware files, and if you have the Windows XP operating system disk, Follow the procedure below:

1. Select Start from the Start menu.
2. In the Open box, type sfc / scannow (before / must be a distance).
3. A box appears that prompts you to insert the operating system disk into the drive so that it can replace the original files with defective files.


 Automatic checking of corrupted Windows files and repairing them

Windows has the ability to uninstall windows when you accidentally wipe a file from Windows files and your windows is in trouble.
In Windows XP, enter system information, and then select File signature Verification Utility from the Tools menu and then the Start button.


Learn how to build Setup on Windows XP

Be sure to “also make sure you setup.

It works easily in Windows XP.

Go to RUN and go to the IeXPress word (it does not matter if the letters are small) and do your job and do the steps to make the setup.

  Note in Notepad

A trick in Notepad if you have a Notepad text file and in the first line of it (the highest row)
is the LOG statement. Type (Save to the point before the LOG) and save it. Then, whenever this file is opened by anyone, the date and time it reads at the end of the text is automatically recorded, and in this way you can always keep track of the dates of your last views of your file. See below.

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