HTML Tutorials

HTML Tutorial (Part XVI) – Working with Forms in HTML

Create data lists One of the new features provided in HTML5 is the creation of data lists in relation to form elements. Data lists  are very similar to comboboxes, except that the combobox lets you select an option from predefined options. In the data lists, there is a possibility to enter the user option that is not predefined in the options. To create a datalist, we need a text box and a <...
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HTML Tutorial (Part XVII) – Working with Multimedia Elements

In this meeting we will learn how to work with multimedia elements in the  design of the site  : One of the tips that made the web so popular is the fact that you can add graphics, audio files, animations, and movies to your web pages. However, the size of these files in the past will restrict their use. Newer technologies such as audio and video streaming, along with high-bandwidth conne...
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HTML5 Tutorial – Page structure tags

In the second session, we will design the HTML5 site design with page structure tags. These tags, as their name suggests, are used to create a web page structure. In HTML 4, there were two methods for naming tags. 1 Use id 2. use class Which id was used to name unique segments and class was used for style. For example, a website usually has a header, so we used id with header value...
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