website Design

How to design a site?

Today, in the design of the  website, we will discuss the design steps of the site: First, we need to know what steps we need to design the site. Choosing a hosting space: The hosting and hosting environment is the first step in designing the site . The host is the space that is on the Internet service provider. Pages designed on this serveer. The size of the hosting space depends on y...
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How to convert a site from static to dynamic

How to convert a site from static to dynamic Development of Static  Static web page  on the site is said that the panel management, and ordinary people will not be able to manage and web design dynamic site that has a panel and is easily a person can manage content, and the texts and Put your favorite photos on the site. Or it can be easily edited. The other site is Dynamic Site Dynamic Site....
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Web content management system

Web content management system A web content management system   that is represented by the WCMS abbreviation.  A web content management system is a system that has predefined tools for writing content, posting photos and links to one or more sites.  It allows users to easily create and manage their site content in a low-level code design . A WCMS allows site design to allow multiple authors ...
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What is WordPress?

The reason for using WordPress instead of other site-builders and content management systems Because there is no better or easier way to build a site other than this method. But the most important reasons are: Because firstly it is totally free with a number of layers and layers that we can select WordPress does not have any cost to download or install, and there's a big community that d...
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Common mistakes in designing user experience in site design

Mistakes in user experience in site design In today's article, the design of the site addresses the mistakes that occur in the field of user experience or UX:  in principle, we can say that the user experience is all aspects that the user interacts with the site.  In fact, user experience is a non-digital concept but is used in the digital domain.  In the following, we will be familiar with th...
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HTML Tutorial (Part XVII) – Working with Multimedia Elements

In this meeting we will learn how to work with multimedia elements in the  design of the site  : One of the tips that made the web so popular is the fact that you can add graphics, audio files, animations, and movies to your web pages. However, the size of these files in the past will restrict their use. Newer technologies such as audio and video streaming, along with high-bandwidth conne...
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