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Retrieve the latest post changes in WordPress

Retrieving the latest post changes in WordPress is one of its internal features. This feature allows you to retrieve changes to a post and return to the previous version. This is called Post Revisions or Revisions. As you know, most of us make mistakes when writing. Sometimes you may want to not delete what you've written before. Revisions or modifications allow you to go back and cancel the chang...
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Insert movie in WordPress posts

In this article, we are going to talk about the " WordPress Movie Contest ". It's better to know that videos are dying to your website and are a great way to increase user interaction. Through WordPress, videos are easily installed from hosted sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Video insertion is a great way to increase user interaction. How to Embed Videos in WordPress Bl...
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Compare WordPress Page Builder

Are you looking for an easy way to build and customize your WordPress site? Now it's useful to use the WordPress Plugin Plugin. In fact, page builders allow you to create, edit and customize your website design pages without programming. How to use this plugin by dragging and dropping or the so-called Drag & Drop. In this article, we compare the page of WordPress builders and compare the two t...
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Links to WordPress

The subject of our article today is the Novalalo links in WordPress . To know how to add nofollow links to WordPress posts, pages and menus, join us.  When you link to your website, search engines will convey a small portion of the power of the link from your website to another website. But since you can not control that website, it's best to add the nofollow feature to the links. The nofoll...
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Determine the role of users in WordPress

Determining the role of users in WordPress is the subject of our article today. As you know, the role of users varies in access to different parts of the site.Today, the sites created and managed by the WordPress content management system make it easy to determine the role of users from the menu panel of the site's panel. It's worth noting that an extension called User role editor also does this o...
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Avoid site indexing on Google

Avoid site indexing on Google ! How can I stop my search engines from scrolling through a WordPress site? Recently, one of our users asked us how to get your WordPress site hidden from the search engines, or in other words stop the site's index? There are many scenarios for stopping the listing of the website in the search results. In this article, we review these scenarios. Why and who wants ...
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