Cryptotab plugin for free bitcoin extraction CryptoTab is an add-on for Google Chrome or Firefox, which you can merge with even 4-bit Quinn just by installing it on Google Chrome or Firefox, and introducing it to Doosan, your acquaintances and colleagues. Get on the moon. But how?   The first step is to go through the Google Chrome browser or Firefox to install this plugin. Click on the li...
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By designing a website you need to know about famous brands

In the design of the site,  we want to familiarize you with one of the most viewed websites in the world of business today, and after reading this article, you will be able to design the required site among the Iranian need sites and by learning to increase the audience of the site Get your own prosperous benefits and also play a role for audiences and managers who want to increase their sales, su...
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How to secure domain controllers

Physical security for Domain Controllers in Data Centers Physical Domain Controllers in Datacenter In datacenters, physical DCs must be installed at dedicated racks or in segments separate from the general server set. If possible, the DCs must be configured with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and all the volumes are encrypted with Bitlocker Drive Encryption. This lowers Performance, but p...
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Selection criteria for network monitoring system

What criteria should be considered in choosing a monitoring system? The criteria for choosing a monitoring system for managers and network professionals may vary, and criteria may be important for an expert in an organization, but for a specialist in another organization, that criterion will be prioritized. Here are eight important factors for choosing a monitoring system. Is the monitoring ...
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Security Check on SAN Storage

Attack prevention methods: 1-  LUN masking:  When we separate a unit from the hard drive, it tells LUN that when LUN masking is run, we determine which LUN server to access. Each server has a SAN network card called HBA. (Host Bus Adapter) This network card is connected to the Fiber Channel Switch. The HBA networks have a physical address, which tells WWN that for each WWN, we can determine ...
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Run Ubuntu Server with a GUI

To install a desktop environment, you'll need to enable package installation from the Internet (the desktop packages aren't on the server installation CD). The installation program should have done that for you if it found an Internet connection, but apparently it didn't. Then run these commands to install a desktop environment: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop You s...
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