Use index and match instead of Vlookup

Most people who know Advanced Excel deal with the Vlookup function. This function is used to call data from a database. Suppose you have a list of people who have been registered with the information of individuals. And you are going to call in various places by entering the amount of the staffing number of each person's personal information (including name, last name, etc.). For this purpose, the...
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Learn to create drop-down list in Excel

To create a drop down list, first we list the items we want to list in the cells: Then click on the cell that we want to create the drop-down menu and select the Data option from the Rebon tab and select Data Validation from the Data Tools group:  In the window that opens, place the Allow value from the drop-down menu to the list, then set the Source value to the titles desired (in t...
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Formulate an array Ctrl + Shift + Enter

In formulating in Excel, you can formulate two methods. 1 Method is the same as the usual formulation that most users are familiar with. But the other is the formulation of an array that is placed in advanced Excel discussions. In this type of formulation, a set of data can be examined in a formula and the result is announced. In short, in this method, a series of calculations are performed simult...
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