How to make a constant menu in the design of the site 

How to make a constant menu in the design of the site :   There are several ways to make a constant menu, which I will summarize in this article. One of the ways to use the css code is to make sure you know it. In this case, we use the position attribute and its value equal to fixed as follows:   #menu {positon: fixed;}   And now we want our menu to be fixed in a p...
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Common mistakes in designing user experience in site design

Mistakes in user experience in site design In today's article, the design of the site addresses the mistakes that occur in the field of user experience or UX:  in principle, we can say that the user experience is all aspects that the user interacts with the site.  In fact, user experience is a non-digital concept but is used in the digital domain.  In the following, we will be familiar with th...
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Quality content in the design of the site

Strong content in site design One of the important points in the design of the site always been important. Build strong content for the site. The most important part about producing specialized content is how important content is to others. Because you should link to other sites. The name and brand of others in the content should be used to link your links. Otherwise someone will not lin...
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CSS Tutorial (Thirteenth Session) – Floating elements and vertical alignment

In this session, we introduce the   design of your site with the characteristics of floating elements and vertical alignment: Align Vertical Feature This property is used for vertical alignment of inline elements such as <span>, <img>, <a> and ....  First, you need to know the difference between inline elements and block elements to define this property.  Block elements are e...
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5 types of logo and how to use it in the design of the site

5 basic types of logo In the SpinSpace design , we will explain to you and when to use the logo: When asked: I'm not sure how to start designing my logo? Maybe you have to decide what kind of style to start the logo design! Logo styles are divided into five categories that you can decide on Letters, Letters, Brand, Written Combinations, and Symbols. In this post, we explain the definitio...
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Introducing Graphic Profession !!

If you have plenty of creative ideas and artistic ideas,  your graphic artist's job is right for you. Graphic  art is the transmission of a message through the image to the audience. The graphic title is derived from the Greek word (GRAPHEIN), which means engraving, writing, design, and design. Graphic design uses different techniques for creating two-dimensional works on different levels such ...
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