Learn the BIOS Bios system settings

Bios stands for Base Input Output System and includes options for setting and configuring system settings and settings. The BIOS or Cmos settings are stored on the motherboard in the IC called IC. When the computer is off, the battery embedded on the motherboard stores the stored settings. In addition to the settings, the clock and date are also IP data that is protected by this battery. In orde...
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How to validate html codes

One of the most basic steps in SEO is the validation of html codes Note that search engines only see html code and have less css and images for them. So the more your codes comply with the global standard, the faster your codes will be indexed. There are several popular sites for this W3 site is more famous than all of them
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Seo history

SEO is a new science that dates back just 20 years ago, SEO began in the mid-1990s by webmasters and web site managers. First, all webmasters should register all their pages to get search engines to their site, so their pages would eventually be displayed in search results. Today, with the growth of the Internet, Internet sales have also increased. 
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Build an automatic interrupter on the Internet

Build an automatic interrupter on the Internet It has also come to you that you intend to disconnect from the Internet at a specific time and automatically. For example, after downloading the software, and after receiving the operation, Windows automatically disconnects your connection from the Internet. With this trick you can do all of these actions. To do this, first open the Notepad progra...
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