Why should I use the latest version of WordPress?

Why should I use the latest version of WordPress ? This question is the subject of most users’ email when publishing an updated WordPress version. Do you want to know the pros and cons of updating WordPress? If you are looking for answers to these questions, join us. In this article, we will explain to you that the latest version of WordPress is always essential.

As you know, WordPress is a free application developed by a community of developers. Developers will fix problems in every new version of WordPress, add new features and improve performance. It also boosts new features to align with the industry’s new standards.

So when you do not update your WordPress website design , you are exposed to the security of your website. Meanwhile, new features or improvements will be reduced.


Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress update

  • Security

Of course, security is your most important WordPress update. It’s best to know that at the moment, 23% of all types of site design work in the WordPress content management system. As a result, due to its extraordinary popularity, a popular target for hackers, the distributor of malicious code, data thieves and hackers.

Since WordPress is open source, anyone can learn and improve the source code. To do this, they can also study it and find ways to break the websites.

But the interesting thing is that not all hackers are bad. The number of hackers is far more than bad hackers. Because they are the same security experts worldwide, they can read the code and report security bug reports or fixes properly. Whenever a security vulnerability is reported, the WordPress core team carefully Publish an update that fixes or fixes problems.

This means that if you do not use the latest version of WordPress, then you use software with known security vulnerabilities. As a result, when hackers search for websites that use the older version of WordPress, your website may be the victim of a more complex attack.

Not only WordPress itself, plugins can also be exploited by hackers. You should always make sure that all plugins, themes and WordPress core design used to date.


  • new features



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Each major release of WordPress comes with new features and changes to the software. For example, WordPress 4.0 has been upgraded to 4.1 by installing the internal image editing plugin.Enhancement enhancement has been added, 4.1 Introduced inline image editing, and 4.2 Updated by adding the plugin faster. Right now, if you’re using an older version of WordPress, your WordPress experience is very different from the one that uses the latest version.

  • Speed


WordPress developers are always trying to make things faster. In fact, each new version has several performance improvements that make WordPress faster and more efficient.

For example, WordPress 4.2 was developed to improve the performance of JS menus. Since speed is an important factor in site ranking, you should definitely keep your WordPress up to date to ensure maximum performance benefits.

  • troubleshooting

Despite the exact test of the original version of WordPress, some minor bugs may occasionally occur. That’s why there are minor versions of WordPress (those with XXX) that can count on them. For example, recently WordPress 4.2.3 has fixed twenty bugs from version 4.2.

  • Compatibility or incompatibility

Most WordPress Plugins and themes developer updates their updates with WordPress’s main publications. Because they are sure that they will use new and advanced features.

But in some cases, the update will eliminate existing plugins. Because they do not follow the best practices and programming standards. So it’s best to keep WordPress backups up to date.

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