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Do you want to place your video on the WordPress Design Center? It’s better to know if the width of your video is less than the width of the article in the site design , WordPress will automatically move it to the left. Also adds extra white space to the right of the website. By presenting this article, we will focus on teaching videos on WordPress .

Why do not videos appear in the WordPress site?

As we said earlier, when you embed a movie into WordPress, the video is automatically placed on the left. Because videos are external content that falls into internal content. As a result, WordPress is not able to guess how to display it.

As the best practice, it automatically aligns it to the left, and the video is set aside until required resets are made.



We do not recommend uploading videos directly to WordPress, as the same thing as we say about the size of uploaded videos. Here’s how to display the best video on WordPress site design.

How to put a video on the WordPress site?

If you want your video to fill the width of the website content, the best solution is to add the URL of the site’s video URL through the post editor instead of the code. By entering the URL, WordPress automatically adjusts it to the width of your content environment.


  Graphic software in the design of the site


But sometimes for some reason, you may need to use embed code. In this case, you must add a simple HTML code to the inserted insert of your video.

To do this, you must first go to the text editor environment on the desired post page and add the following code to the desired movie code.

; <div style = "text-align: center>

/// your video embed code goes here

</ div>


Now you can save your changes and see your post or page preview so your video will be in the center of the page.

Another way is to increase the width of your video manually with content. To achieve this, you need to add or change the “width” parameter in your embed code.

<iframe width = "760" height = "315" src = "" frameborder = "0" allow = "autoplay; encrypted media" allowfullscreen> </ iframe>


If you upload the video directly to WordPress, you can increase the width using video shortcodes. So, after placing the video using the media default uploader, go to the text editor and increase the width parameter in the video shortcode.

We hope you learned how to use this article to create a video in the middle of the page content.

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