Learn to upload PDF files to WordPress site

Would you like to upload a PDF file to your WordPress site? WordPress allows you to easily upload PDF files and prepare them for download. In this article, we will discuss the training of uploading PDF files to WordPress site .

How to upload a PDF file to WordPress pages

This method is simple and works without installing the plugin on your WordPress site. First, edit the page you need to upload the PDF file to. As you know, to upload the file just click the “Add Media” button on the site editor page.


Then, click the “Select Files” button to select the appropriate PDF file.

WordPress will then upload the file to your website. After uploading, you will see a file preview of the size of a finger. In the right column you can add titles and descriptions for your file. You can also choose to link it to another location, which is the default mode of the connection to the PDF file, or you can attach the file link to the page that is the page with the thumbnail preview of the PDF file.

Next, click the “Insert Post” button to add a PDF file to your post.



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Yes, the image uploader window will disappear and you will see the link to download the PDF file in your post editor. You can now edit or publish your post. You have successfully uploaded your PDF file.

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Upload a PDF file to WordPress pages using a plugin

In this way, the PDF file is inside the post or WordPress pages using the Google Doc Plugin plugin. Once activated, you need to open the GDE Settings page from the Settings menu to make the plugin settings.

Now you can specify the language, height, width and more. Default options work for most websites, but if you need them, you can check and change them. Then you have to go to the page where you want to put the PDF file.

On the post edit page, you must click the “Add Media” button to upload your PDF file. After uploading the file, you must copy the URL of the file and close the media upload window without entering the file in your post.

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Now, you should click on the Google Docs Embedder icon in your WordPress post editor, as shown below.



After you click on the window, in the first box it should copy the URL of the PDF file you copied before, then click the Insert button.



After completing the steps above, you will see a shortcode in your WordPress site design editor . You can now edit or publish your post and see your website. It’s best to know that using the Google Docter Embeder plugin you can also add other documents to your WordPress posts and pages.

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