How to find keywords for your website?

How to find keywords for your website? This is a question many people ask us after designing the site. Keywords help you get the ideas you need to write content. As you know, attractive content that interests users increases the traffic of your website from search engines.

What is keyword research and why do you need it?

Research is a technical keyword used by content producers and SEO experts. Understanding this research method helps you discover the words users enter in their search engines to access content, products and services in their search engines. These words are related to your industry. After doing this research, you can use the words and phrases found on your website to get more traffic.

Many beginners think they know exactly what they want. While there are powerful tools that can help you in data-based decision making. So you do not have to guess.

By using keyword research as part of a content strategy, you can get the following correctly:

  • Find targeted keywords and search users   
  • Find content ideas for easy ranking and search volume
  • Find keywords for rival sites and better content strategies
  •   Get more search traffic and grow your audience with new articles


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How do keyword research to design WordPress

Using some of the tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Answer The Public, and more … you can do the key research on your site. Here’s a brief description of SEMRush


SEMRush is one of the best search tools on the market. This is a complete SEO suite with tools for organic research, paid advertising, keyword research and close competition analysis. To get started, simply go to the SEMRush website and enter a keyword or URL of your website.


You will see an overview of the search volume (average number of searches), the keyword you entered, the paid CPC ads, and the number of search results.



Go down a little and see an overview of your site’s keywords and associated keywords. You can click on the View Report button to check the full list or export them to a CSV file.

You can also use the new “magic word” tool that gives you faster access to more extensive keyword research in related terms. You can click the add button next to the keyword to add it to your keyword analysis window.



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When you find the best keywords with the highest search volume, the next step is to analyze the competition of those keywords. Click the rating links for these keywords to see the detailed analysis.

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