Site design in Iran has become one of the most popular categories in recent years. Perhaps, if we look at twenty years ago, the number of websites that were launched for various businesses was very limited.

But at the moment, the number of websites that are starting to work is increasing at any given moment. And day by day, we see all-round progress.

Importance of site design in Iran

Like many other countries in the world that are developing in the field of designing various websites, Iran is trying to constantly increase its activity in the field of competition.

In this regard, individuals entering the field of computer engineering and programming are increasing, and many schools continue to do so with power.

Even those who have completed their studies in other academic disciplines are also interested in this field and begin learning it. Some of them are trained only because of the use of code in their business, but others generally base their business on this basis.

The ways to teach programming and site design

There are several general ways to learn, each one choosing one of them, depending on their circumstances, and goes on the way.

Entrance to vocational schools; Students who go to colleges from the early ages and choose their computer discipline can start teaching and learning from the start.

Entrance to the university; There are other people studying in mathematics at high school and entering computer and IT at the university. Training in this category starts from the university level.

Entrance to the programming schools; This is a special way for people who have not had academic education in this field. And after graduating in different fields, they are interested in this field.

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Teaching and learning as a self-study; In this way, a person starts to learn without using a university or entering a university, using various websites and educational CDs.

In general, it is possible to say that university education is the most effective way, but if the student can find the right way and use other ways to complete his learning. And it’s not just the training given in the university terms. Because it is necessary to become a professional person who was introduced in more detail in this field.

Types of site design

Web site design ; These websites are designed to make it possible to sell online. Types of products can be sold on these websites. Including download products, training, etc. can be provided on these websites.

Corporate website design ; Corporate websites specializing in providing information about various companies. In these websites, detailed descriptions of the company and its members are presented and its work history is exposed to users.

Designing a corporate site; In cases where large organizations request website design, this website model is proposed by the website design company. On these websites, the design of different pages is different and based on the users’ taste. It takes more time to design corporate websites.

Designing a personal website and resume; Customizing a personal web site for people who are willing to publish a description on their Web site from their professional and professional backgrounds. The best way to do this is to create a website that has all its parts related to that person, and the user can easily put all his portfolio, articles, certificates and other records.

  Tutorial plugin builder revslider in site design (third session)

Different types of these websites have different applications and their users can easily use them. But in any case, they all have features that are common and necessary.

Common features of websites

High upload speed; In all types of websites, speed is one of the most important factors and plays a major role in attracting users to the website. Particularly important in store websites where the selection and purchase of goods is a little longer.

High security; All websites require high security to prevent malicious attacks, hackers and malicious ligaments. Creating a secure website is important in all its forms, especially on websites that are connected to and connected to a bank.

Website graphics; One of the important things for website designers is its appearance and graphics. This factor plays a role in keeping a person logged in on the website. Layout elements on the page, animations and effects, color scheme and many other things affect the appearance of the website.

Site SEO; any website with any content that you have to be able to direct its audience to the Internet, which will not be easily achieved. This option should focus and pay special attention. Creating valuable and unique content is one of the important factors in determining SEO.

Being a busy person; the concept of reciprocity was not common until several years ago, and the people who designed the website did not care much about it. But now the websites are designed responsibly by default and even without customer request. Because the websites are open on new devices like smartphones and tablets.

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