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Definitely , you bought a new sleek digital camera before creating the image gallery on WordPress . Want to share your photos with the web? But our suggestion is to add a gallery in the grid and columns instead of adding an image to the site at a time? In this article, we’ll show you how to create a photo gallery in WordPress to better capture your photos.

Uploading a photo in WordPress is incredibly easy. To add images to blog posts and pages, just click the Add Media button and upload your images. However, if you add multiple images, all of these images appear one after the other. This way, your users will have to view a large number of them.

By creating a gallery, images are displayed in a grid layout with specific columns and rows. You can display thumbnails in your images and users can click on them to see the full image. This will be more professional because you show more photos in less space.


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In fact, WordPress has a built-in feature called Gallery, which many users are not aware of. It’s best to know that you can use WordPress plugins to create stronger image galleries that are awesome on all devices and screen sizes.

Create Image Gallery without Plugins

WordPress has an inbuilt feature that lets you create a gallery. This feature is very basic and does not have many options, but work is done.

First, you must edit the post or page you want to add the photo gallery to. On the post edit page, click the “Add Media” button to upload your images.


This time the WordPress Media Uploader appears where you can click on the “Select Files” button to upload your photos. You can, of course, select photos that you previously uploaded to the media library. After uploading and selecting your images, click the link in the created gallery from the left column.



Now click on the button “Ceate a new gallery”.



At this point, the media uploader will display your selected images with the gallery settings. You can add text, image links, column count and image size for use in your site design gallery .


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When you’re finished, you can click the “Insert Gallery” button. Now close the media uploader window and see your photo gallery in the post editor.


You can now save / publish the post / page, and in practice, you visit the site design to see your photo gallery .


This method was very quick and easy. However, if you create image galleries on a regular basis, you’ll soon notice that they do not have a specific feature.

For example, your images will open on a new page and users should click the back button to view the gallery again. This method is not visible on this mobile phone and the appearance of your gallery depends on your theme.

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