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How to create a private post in WordPress? Knowing this answer is one of the most fascinating mysteries of all types of WordPress site design . It’s best to know that unlike common WordPress posts, a private post is not visible to visitors to your website. Only users with specific permissions given to them by the system can log in and view the post. In this article, we will introduce you to how to create a private post in WordPress .

What’s a private post in WordPress and how does it work?

A private post in WordPress is not visible to the public. Only users who have logged in with the correct permissions can view your blog posts. WordPress has a user-assigned system that assigns licenses and capabilities to different user’s roles. Each WordPress user has a dedicated role that allows him to perform specific tasks on a website.

Any user who has the permission to publish a post can send a private post and publish it. This post is visible to the user and the following roles:

  • Administrator: This person can create, edit, and delete any private post created by each user on a WordPress site.
  • Editor: The editor can create, edit and delete any private posts created by users.
  • Author: The author can create, publish, edit, view and delete his private posts, but can not view private posts created by other users.

How to create a private post in WordPress

You must first create a new post or page. You can also edit one of the existing posts for privatization. To do this on the post edit page, you must click the “Edit” link next to the “Visible” option in the “Publish” box.


You will now see options for creating an important post, with a password protected or private. Select the Private option, and then click the OK button to continue.


You can now continue editing the post or save or publish it. At this point, visit your website, you will encounter the message and the image below.


It’s worth noting that users who are not allowed to see private posts do not see it.

Note: The images you add to a private post are not private and can be viewed by other authors in the Media Library. Images can also be viewed by anyone with an image URL.

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