Why did he kill herself !! !!

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler, along with his wife, Ewa, killed herself. According to studies, Hitler and his wife ate cyanide tablets and then Hitler shot himself. With both of them, there were devices burned outside their shelter in Berlin. The main reasons for suicide with the death of Hitler and his wife disappeared.

Hitler’s advisers and associates had warned of Russia’s approaching forces, and the probability that the Russians would reach him was less than one or two days. Hitler’s advisers were planning to move him to a small town in the Bologna Alps, but he decided to kill himself. Some also believe that Hitler and his wife were planning to escape to South America to live with their children, but this theory has been rejected by many historians. The close proximity of thousands of enemy forces made it impossible for Hitler to escape.

He preferred to die to fall into the hands of the enemy. One of the principles of the Nazis is death. Hitler preferred death as a prisoner and was executed by foreigners. Hitler believes the captain will not leave his drowned ship. By standing up to his last adventure, he wanted to tell his friends and enemies that his ideas and ideas were all about him more than anything else. At the same time, Mussolini and his beloved were arrested while fleeing, and Hitler did not want to face his fate

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