Where should a web designer or programmer start?

 In this article, we will examine the site design and site design blog together with us.

Web designer

These people work by building the user interface of a website that the end user is working on! That means they make a cute image! Of course, these people are again divided into different parts, because there are some who think that Web design work in a tool such as Photoshop can be summarized by converting to HTML, CSS or javascript. But I was a graphic designer before I was a web designer.

Where should a web designer or programmer start?

 Sometimes some people ask me why I have to completely design a site inside a tool like Photoshop. I know this as a map, meaning you have a map, if you lose your way, you can get back to the main road very quickly. This is precisely within the web design as well as in the sense that you know a roadmap that here has a problem with the initial layout of the site that the end users are working with, and when you write your code, you do not know what section you are creating with the previous section and Or the next part? Well, that’s how it’s getting bigger again and finally, it gets something that’s not acceptable.

Where should a web designer or programmer start?

As I said above, I myself was a graphic designer before I was a graphic designer and then I was dragged into this basin and I am now in love with web design. Since designing a site in Photoshop, I’m enjoying the time I write my code. Most of my life! I must say that the color of the parts of each section is very important to me because it will be alive and many will use it. For the same time, I do not spend a bit, and I always try to go with patience and accuracy, because if you take the first step, the cartoon in HTML and CSS is very simple. Of course, here’s what you’ll find: I’ve got a design work in Photoshop, one more time you say that I do not have the time or I’m not at all boring. You might have the right to be in trouble for someone who does not like to design it in Photoshop. It is possible for the same preference to design others for you. But do you think others like you are designing you, or ideas that you put in your mind to implement? My answer may be no saw! It depends on the web designer. This is not something definite!

If I ask someone what to do I want to start with a website design. I tell him to learn how to design it first in Photoshop, and then go to your codebook because someone who knows each other knows what constraints it is, knows that Where can one use a tool and where it does not.

Once you’ve mastered design in Photoshop, you should look at HTML and CSS and javascript, the latter two having many frameworks and libraries. If you are not familiar with the word processor, I’d say these are tools that make them faster, better, and better. Goes in the least time. Like bootstrap for CSS and jquery for javascript. To begin with, you should learn HTML and then CSS and ultimately javascript, which requires a lot of time for a professional web designer because each one has a world for them.

I think you’ve noticed that a web designer is also a programmer because he has to deal with things like HTML, CSS, and javascript that have their own problems. These people also say Front-end because they think about what the users see it so here you are familiar with a web designer, but what’s the back-end programmer and what’s his work?

Back-end programmer

Where should a web designer or programmer start?

Back-end programming is at all. If I want to simply define it for you I must say that you have a blog that includes posts every few days and a series of information that you can easily display by filling in a field. That is, the information you send to the admin panel is stored in the database and eventually displayed to the user. If none of this is the case, you have an empty static site. You need to change the HTML code to change the text and posts. This is a really time-consuming task. Think you have 200 posts. It’s static. Ovevo, it’s all about me! Then, change a portion of the post page, so you have to apply to every 200 pages of code and apply the same changes. I am able to do this !! But if you’re working back-end, you can build anything from a store like DJs to news sites that you have to deal with every day.

This! Which one is easier? I hope you understand what the work of a back-end programmer is.

Where should a web designer or programmer start?

In the meantime, all the work of a back-end programmer is useless if it does not have a user interface for displaying its data, that is, if the front-end section of the project is not in the sequence, the user can not see anything else. And that’s practically no use. So, I guess here’s a tip that a back-end programmer, no matter how great it is, but does not have a front-end, it’s actually failed. This is the opposite of what you can do, meaning you have a good relationship with a website such as a store, but the back-end of the project has failed a bugger, and then the jigsaw puzzle completes it, even if your website wants to do a dynamic job, for example, to display the sample. The static website can work well.

Where should a web designer or programmer start?

To run a back-end programmer with a world of languages in this domain, such as PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, Python, and so on. Not all of them are small. I’m sure you’ll get the first one on which one should you choose? And when I ask someone what language to choose, he or she tells you that he is working with him or says a word that he is not going to be out of these two states. The number of people who say what they say is better because it’s so much because everyone believes in it. Have a lot of work with you! It’s kind of down. If you say that I’m working it is not good.

But I think the fact that each of these languages has their own characteristics, but in Iran, like ++ C and #C languages taught in universities, and there are people familiar with them! For the same reason, ASP.NET and PHP do not look good to start with. Of course, this does not mean that these two languages are less than the rest of the world, but with the background that I’ve said, a good choice.

Web designer or back-end programmer, or both? The final choice is by yourself when you start one of them, you’re faced with a different world that you can see as deep as you can. There’s something you can learn.

I hope this post is being used by you. I’m waiting for your comments.

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