What should a baby do for the parental part?

Parents’ parents’ parents’ parental pins cause parents to worry. How to treat and deal with it can reduce this concern. Unfortunately, in some cases, unknowing persons with false recommendations raise concerns in parents. God willing, the following will make you more aware of this.

In the standing position when the ankles are adjacent to each other, if the legs are arched, the knees are spaced apart, which is referred to as the parenthesis and varies depending on the severity of the disease. Parents in infants and children up to the age of two are naturally normal, with a maximum of 18-12 months of age, the age at which the baby starts to walk, and the more the baby gets older, the more severe it is.

Parent foot is normal in children under two years of age and is referred to as a physiological type. This kind of deformation is eliminated and there is no need for treatment. Of course, parents should be aware that referral to a specialist would be possible if they had severe parentage in their children or if they remained after the age of 3-2, because in some cases the cause is a condition that needs to be treated. he does.

One of the causes of the parasitic inflammation in children is Rashisism, which is due to vitamin D deficiency and is treated with this vitamin. It should be noted that there is a type of vitamin D-resistant raccoon disease that needs its own treatment. Other causes of peduncle in children are genetic and hereditary diseases, weakness of the outside of the knee, and stronger inner knee muscles than the outside of it, and the side effects of some of the legs or thighs that affect the growth plate.

In cases where the cause of the fracture is present, it loses its natural growth due to the inside of the growth plate at the end of the thigh or at the beginning of the legs, and since the growth on the outside is naturally or excessively inward, the growth of the legs Parentheses. Of course, you should not think that this will happen in all of the leg or hip fractures. Fractures are likely to increase if they are on the growth page or adjacent to it. In these cases, you have to go to the orthopedic and take care of them.

The parietal foot in the physiological case and the Rachis Tism is a two-way symmetric one. If it is one-sided, the case is more serious and requires treatment.

Treatment for cases of sickness involves the use of special medical shoes or knee pads, if not corrected or worsened, we will carry out surgical procedures after the age of growth, although in some cases surgical procedures can be performed before the age of growth. . For parental reasons, it should not limit the activity of the child. With parental exercises, it does not get better. If the pie remains, it causes the knee pain and arthritis inside the knee. Parents may be painful in adolescents.

In adults, the cause of the parotid cyst may be hereditary, it can also occur in cases where it is badly welded at the site of the fracture of the lower extremity of the femur or of the upper extremity of the leg or of a rupture of the capsule or knee outer ligament. . In this age, if the degree of parenthesis is excessive, it should be acted upon and will soon be affected by early knee arthritis. At an advanced age, especially in women with arthrosis in the knee, due to the fact that the cartilage is thinned in the knee and the joint gap is reduced in this area, the parotid peduncle is created that if severe arthritis occurs, Other surgical procedures are not beneficial and joint surgery should be performed.

Sometimes, with the parenthesis of the penis, it turns into a large bone that makes it harder to cure

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