The reason for using WordPress instead of other site-builders and content management systems

Because there is no better or easier way to build a site other than this method.

But the most important reasons are:

Because firstly it is totally free with a number of layers and layers that we can select

WordPress does not have any cost to download or install, and there’s a big community that designs skins and templates that make it easy to get things done.

And your design will be completely unique and unique.

It is popular for starters

If you are familiar with Word, you can also enter your content in the administration section.

WordPress can be developed through its free plugins to manage and manage any site you have.

From slick business pages to social networking sites.

With add-ons, you’ll be able to easily add contact forms, description forms, and image galleries, how are you?

The site is large or small, it is suitable for both

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From simple blogs to beautiful business sites and online stores,

WordPress is capable of managing any web site. Sites like

NASA, such as eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures.

Your site will be responsive, meaning that it works on mobile and tablet.

The website that you build will be instantly reciprocal.

And on both mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are great.

No need to hire a web developer and designer.

Strong support and community of developers for existing help.

With a large number of people using the platform, including webmasters, blogging, web developers and plugins,

It’s very easy to find help quickly when needed.

In addition, WordPress has many free resources that are active on YouTube and its Support Forum

We run the site on the powerful WordPress platform with the template-specific design of the Spanish design team and codify and optimize it in principle.

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