What is the history of Bootstrap?

Apart from the discussion of web design and its related issues, the Bootstrap statement alone means “bootstrap” and the word Bootstraping means launching a process independently without using external resources. This term is slightly shorter in computer science and is referred to as booting, which represents the process of launching the system and importing the software’s initial information into the computer memory.
Meaning bootstrap

The boot word in English means boots or boots, some boots have small tabs at the bottom that are used when wearing a boot for better footing (something like a heel), called Bootstrap.

Introducing Bootstrap Features

This framework or framework is compatible with all standard browsers, and even in older versions like Internet Explorer 8, it also retains its beautiful look. The second version of Bootstrap was followed by reactive or spatial design, which makes the screen look good on smartphones and tablets. For a better understanding of reactive design, you can refer to the article entitled Responsive Design. 
Bootstrap is open source and is free download on the Github site. The opportunity to collaborate on this project and personalize its features and appearance has been provided and so far the documentation has been translated into several languages.

responsive bootstrap
Due to the fact that the Persian text is right and the difference in the layout of the content with English sites requires major changes to the CSS and jQuery functions, we found that by searching the Internet, we found the Persian Bootstrap site. In addition to changing the basic code, the site also provides Persian-language documentation and training related to Bootstrap, which can be very useful for getting started.

Bootstrap in plain language!

You may not be well acquainted with Bootstrap’s capabilities or capabilities, or you will not even know exactly what it is. In this section, we will examine some of its features and capabilities a little bit. 
The biggest problem with the old web designers and coders is to create a beautiful and perfect look! Yes precisely the basic problem here. The principles of coding and creating the infrastructure and infrastructure for a site is very important and complex, but the correct display of output and the creation of a user-friendly environment is also very important.
Bootstrap plans to eliminate the gap between design and coding and encourage code makers to use default and standard designs. This will provide you with the necessary CSS and jQuery functions so that you can reduce the startup time of a project by significantly reducing the standard startup time using the default commands and compliance with the Bootstrap design principles. Go ahead the world. 
If we  design the site as cooking, Php commands are the same as raw materials for baking a meal and they are responsible for providing the necessary food. The HTML code is the same as the cooking instructions, which creates the desired output from the raw material. CSS commands are very similar to how to draw food in a container and how it is presented on the table! The most delicious food in the world, if it is served in an inappropriate plastic container, is not likely to attract the satisfaction of individuals, but the perfect presentation of a simple meal can also stimulate the appetite of the hardest people. 
Bootstrap will help you in providing food and improving web page views. More important than anything else, the high speed is to reduce the startup time of a project by as much as 80%.

What is the Bootstrap problem?

The Bootstrap project has been launched with a distinctive and admirable idea and is on its way to its third edition. Designers have a lot of standards and many people use Bootstrap to design a corporate website or design a storefront, but the key issue is when you get a lot of dependence on its original design. 
Today, we see a lot of sites that all have the same appearance and can easily see the footprint of Bootstrap. For example, the problem with the header of the site, the 1-pixel gray border and the blue and red buttons with a specific appearance indicate the use of Bootstrap on a site, while with a little change, a new and different appearance can be given to each of these sections and the color scheme They created their favorite ones.
If the process of using Bootstrap continues the same, it may be difficult in the future to detect Internet sites, and all of them will look identical and repetitive. This does not mean that we are opposed to this system and its features, but it means that let’s take advantage of these opportunities to improve Internet space and not forget our creativity

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