CSS 28 means “Cascading Style Pages” and is a way of formatting and designing page components such as text, image, page background, cadre and almost anything that is used in page design. Through CSS, we can prevent rewriting HTML code that causes coding problems and slows down page loading speeds on the Internet. For example, you can specify the font type used on a page once and you do not have to use the font code on the page ten times. You can also use this powerful tool in cases other than javascript, and because of JavaScript problems, for example, Java script inactivity in the browser can not be easier to imagine. CSSJust like javascript, it allows you to use an external style file to determine the properties of different sections of a site’s site. In this case, you can change the appearance of all pages by creating a small change in the external style file. For example, suppose the color of the text also specifies the font type of your page’s text in a style file and has used it in the design of multiple pages, now if you want to change the color of the text of all these pages, it’s just enough to color the text in the same style file You do not need to change all the pages. CSS Code Usage Procedures Page: Inline On Line): In this way, CSS codes are written in the style attribute among the other attributes of the tag.

H1 style “CSS ” codeof Hello! h1 >

Embedded ): In this way, the code is usually written between the head tag and the tag .

Head > < style codeof h1 CSS style head >


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