The seven basic tags in html that distinguish the professional design of the site from the novice

Seven basic tags in HTML that distinguish design from the novice.


Today we talk about SEO in the design of the website.

HTML tags are especially important in today’s paper during the surgical site for the SEO of your website is very important


For many websites, the ranking of Google is the best thing to happen to them.


And now a short story …


When a person or company is trying to design a professional website, their website at first is just one of the millions of websites that exist.


Imagine paying a fairly high fee for a website, if you do not have visitors, as if your money has been discounted.


Well, an investigation found that 93% of web browsing was done through search engines.

This research has put everyone at the forefront in getting the top rating on these engines.

First of all, many people thought of advertising on Google, which is ranked first, paying for Google for every click on your link.

  Designing a Responsive Web Site

This work, although useful, was apparently not satisfactory for website designers.

So the websites continued to search and research, and they realized that they had to attract the natural traffic of visitors.

But how? Eventually, the marketer realized that they had to interact with search engines to improve the rankings. To do this, you need to talk to the SEO language with search engines.

Briefly, get the HTML tag.

That’s what websites have learned

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