Learn how to design a site with WordPress in 2 hours

If you’re looking for a complete free website design guide, you’ll love this article.

It’s a simple step-by-step tutorial that after reading it, you can learn how to design a website with WordPress from a base in less than 2 hours and build free websites.

In fact, you learn in this article how to find the right website management system for you, then implement a template for your work, and ultimately manage your website.

Also, in this guide, I tried to use less of the specialized words of the website design to avoid problems.

The 3 main steps in this guide

1 Choose the right platform for your website design.

2 Choose the domain name and host of your site.

3 Install, design and edit your website.


# Step One: Choose the right platform for your website design.

Before you worry about your designer and domain name, you have to decide what platform to use to build your website.

What do I mean by the platform?

Well, when I started designing the website in 2009, many sites were made using HTML (code), CSS and even Flash. This took a lot of time to learn how to build a website.

That’s why most people still think building a website is difficult from the beginning or it requires a lot of programming and design skills. – Of course this is somewhat correct, but not to design any website!

In 2016, there are content management systems (CMS) like WordPress that have made the website accessible to everyone.

Simply put, a content management system (or website building platform) is a user friendly platform for building a website and managing its online content, rather than using a bunch of coded pages.

Three popular platforms to build a website in 2016


As you can see in the chart above, nearly half of the websites on the Internet are building on the WordPress website platform. Just look at these stats by W3Techs and BuiltWith.

But why is WordPress better than the rest?

There is no place in the world better and easier than WordPress to build a free website because:

1 Persian WordPress is great and up to date.

WordPress This content management system (CMS) in our country has an official representative, and all versions are available free of charge on the WordPress website.

2 WordPress is completely free, along with many skins and beautiful themes that you can choose.

Learning to design a free website with WordPress When it comes to the beauty of knowing there is an infinite number of free templates for this CMS. From its free resources, the source of the WordPress Theme is Persian, and its monetary resources can be referred to the topicforest website.

Another point is that WordPress has a brutal community of web designers who are in the heart of these people. Nexar’s website is also a WordPress template built by our team. With WordPress Existing Templates, you can see some of the most innovative webdesigns you can download and download from them.

3 WordPress is great for novices!

If you can write in Microsoft Word, then you can enter your website content in WordPress. You can expand your website with WordPress plugins and you need almost any website building option to use WordPress plugins for free. With “Plugins or Plugins,” you’ll be able to add contact forms, subscription forms, photo galleries and more to your website. Very simple, no?

4 WordPress for small or large sites? Answer: Great for both

From public blogs to beautiful corporate sites and online stores, WordPress can be the preferred form of your choice in any type of web design. WordPress is used by eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA.

5 Typical WordPress templates will be Responsive, optimized for mobile, tablet, and computer.

So without hiring a website designer, you can have your mobile and tablet mobile site at the same time.

6 Wide support and large programmer community to help spread WordPress.

Because of the many people’s use of this platform (webmasters, bloggers, theme developers, and plugin builders), it’s easy to find quick help when you’re having trouble. The best place to do this is WordPress.

My recommendation is if you are looking for a site design tutorial book, buy a book that teaches you how to build a website with WordPress.

Of course, there are other CMS platforms for website design.

Drupal is  a very powerful platform that is popular for web design and experienced programmers, but with a hard learning curve! That is a bad choice for beginners.

Joomla is  similar to WordPress, and it’s great for online stores. But you should at least have a little bit of web site programming so you can design the website with this platform.

If you want to know more about this, see this link, which is a very comprehensive comparison between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

In Step # 2, I will inform you of the process of choosing a good domain name and finding a space for hosting your site.

In step 3, I’ll show you how to set up and customize your website in WordPress. Do not worry – I’ll guide you through the easy and principled process of building a website with WordPress, with a lot of pictures.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this part of the free tutorial guide, do not hesitate! Call our company and ask me to give me the phone. I am Hamed Ayoubi. Translator and author of this article.

# Step Two: Finding a Domain Name and Host

To build a new online website, you need two things:

  1. Domain Name (a web address like nexar.ir)
  2. The Web Host is a service that connects your site to the Internet and places it on the site as a hard drive.)

The WordPress platform is free, but a domain name and host of web hosting costs about $ 20 to $ 50,000 a year, but they still cost less to eat a pizza in northern Tehran!

I usually use my website or host to buy domains and hosts of websites made by myself and Nexar. It’s easy to think of both websites, but you need to know that an important point in this web design tutorial is that you do not have to host the domain and buy it from anywhere!

Various companies sell hosting and the domain can cause you great damage. For example, do not be surprised if you are calling and saying that your information is outdated, sorry!

You get host from anywhere, it’s a Linux host and has a CPanel control panel.

What kind of domain should we choose?

Usually all of them use international domains, such as .com, .net, or .org, each of which has its own meaning. But the use of national domains, such as .ir, in Iran could be a more affordable option. To purchase the .ir domain, you must have an Irene username.

But I suggest two ways to choose the proper name for your website:

  1. Use your company name or name in the domain. Such as: www.nexar.ir
  2. Use the topic of your activity on your domain, such as www.your-activity.ir

Avoid choosing weird names for your website. Whatever the name is shorter and more beautiful, your website will be better remembered by others.

The key to notable reason is that if your activity name is in your domain name, the chances are that your website will get higher in search engines. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a collection of processes that help improve your website’s performance on search engines such as Google. If you would like your website to be highlighted by Google, read this article on Seo on Page.

Another great point in finding the proper domain name is the use of online tools like LeanDomainSearch, which in turn gives you great suggestions for empty websites.

# Step Three: Install and Build Website + Change the Selected Template

Once you have purchased your domain name and set up your hosting on your domain (it will be done by the hosting company), you are well on the way.

Now it’s time to build your website. The first thing you need to do is to install WordPress on your purchased hosting.

WordPress installation guide

Two ways to install WordPress is possible, the first way is much simpler than the other one.

1 One click to install and run websites like WordPress (and Joomla and Drupal) on a hosted site.

Almost every reliable web hosting company  has a one-click installer for installing  WordPress, which makes it easy to install this platform on your hosting.

Here are the steps you can take to quickly install WordPress:

  1. Login to your CPanel hosting. (With the id of the hosting company. Usually, the login to CPanel is as follows: www.yourname.com/cpanel)
  2. Go to the control panel.
  3. Find the WordPress icon.
  4. Click on your domain name that appears.
  5. By clicking “Install” you will need to get access to your new WordPress website.

2. Install WordPress manually

If for some reason (some web hosting companies have not provided WordPress installation with just one click), you do not have this choice, to automatically install WordPress, you can use the official WordPress installation guide to build Get your website.

Install WordPress manually (click)

Meanwhile, if you do not have “one-click WordPress installation” in your hosting panel, you may be communicating with a bad host to build your website.

Select a template or shell to start building your site

Once you’ve successfully installed WordPress on your domain, you only have one platform for your website that can only manage that site. But the choice of your website template is still unavailable to display the content of your site.


In fact, your website template is your website design that tells WordPress how to look at your site.


Here’s how it gets fun. You can use thousands of shells or templates designed by different designers to customize it for yourself.

How do you find a professional WordPress site template to love it?

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Go to http://yoursite.com/wp-admin. (Replacing yoursite with your domain).

go now.

2. Select your template.

If you click on the View> Skins option in the right toolbar, you can choose one in the WordPress website templates, all free. But I suggest using more professional templates.


Note: You do not have 4 ways to discover your preferred template:

  1. Use the free templates in WordPress to launch your website: these templates are almost unpleasant in appearance, but if you’ve got something that’s good about them, know that the templates are very standard, whether it’s technically both in terms of access and In terms of SEO on page.
  2. Use free Persian Free Templates on different sites: For example, if you search  for free news stories,  you can find dozens of articles on Persian websites that you can use, but remember that these templates are usually standard And some of the features may not work well for you since the launch of the website.
  3. Buy money templates from Persian-language websites: These templates are usually of a higher quality, but their failure is that they still do not comply with the standards standards. (If our language was Chinese, I would tell you to go to the themeforest.net website and use the source of the very standard and creative templates of this site, but to say that we have not been lucky about the direction of language).
  4. Order WordPress template design to a site design company: This is the best choice, but the cost can be a major issue.

Nexar can design standard, innovative and custom templates for you at an affordable price, even before any contract or payment is made. If you would like to go to this link.

3. Install template on WordPress

If you find your template from the templates in the shell section, find and click on the install option. But if you purchased or downloaded your template from one website, upload the zip file (if you do not have the zip file itself do it yourself) in the shell section> add new shell> load the shell, then upload it. Activate the option.

Important:  change or erase the template will erase any content posted and your website  does not. Do it without worry.

How to add new content and pages?

When you install the template on your WordPress website, you are ready to create content. Let me point out a few general ways:

Adding and editing pages (Adding and editing pages)

Do you want a service  page  or  about us  ? (Like the ones you see in our site menu)

  1. Look at the sidebar in your WordPad Dashboard and go to “Page” -> “Add.”
  2. After clicking a page, it looks almost like the one you saw on Microsoft Word. Write your own text for publication on this page from your website, add it to the photo and then press the releasebutton   . It’s all over! You can see this page by clicking on the  tab  view.

So how was the page created when your contacts viewed this page? Where to access it? What’s better than the menu of your website?

  1. In the right pane of your WordPress website dashboard, click on the view. Then go to the directories.
  2. In the right-hand menu, select one of the tabs you created by ticking its checkbox. Then click  Add to list  .
  3. Finally, click on the  Save  button

Add and edit posts

If you have a blog section or articles or news on your website, the section of the posts is the next section to go through. You can create topics for your posts so that each post is placed within the subject. For example: Site Design Articles, SEO Articles, WordPress Articles, and more.

For example, you want to have a section of articles and a news section on your WordPress website, each of which has several sub-topics.

Let me tell you how to do it. In the menu on the right ,  go to the category section  . There, in the  Add a new category, create  a category with the name of the  article  and put the mother on none (since the  articles  themselves are the main category and do not have a parent category), then click the Add New Category  button.

Then create a different category, for example, name it as specialized articles, and select the mother as  articles  and similarly create other categories. Now create another category called News, and leave the mother none of it, and choose the following categories according to the order given.

It should be noted that the infinite category you can create on your website.

Now you can write and publish your own writings into the threads. Scroll to the posts section> Add. In this section you can add headlines to your post, text and photos, and everything you see there. Then press the release button.

Go to the list section and add your topics to the menu or the menu of your website. This WordPress website design tutorial will make it more enjoyable for you to create your first website this way.

Keep in mind that you can edit or delete posts on your site at any time. You can even post the release button instead of the release button to post it in the future. Discover this section yourself!

Sidebar of the site

You can create different sections in the column or sidebars of your website. Many of these sections, such as the latest content, archive, etc., are by default in WordPress, and there are many other features to add to the sidebar of the website by installing plug-ins.

Of course, to use this feature, your installed template in WordPress should have a sidebar, which usually has good templates.

  1. Go to the View section> Widgets.
  2. In this section, you can Drag & Drop the boxes you need in the specific columns of your website that exist there.

There’s also a html box in which you can write html code and add it to your menu.


Site settings

If you look at the settings section, you will learn everything clearly. For example, you can change the site’s headline or disable comments for your posts and more.

Adding Adronas to WordPress site to expand your website

  • How do I get the site visit statistics?
  • How to create a contact form for our website?
  • How to speed up the website?
  • How to SEO?
  • How to show highlighted posts in the sidebar?
  • How to create a beautiful gallery?
  • How to create an account on my website?
  • How do I shop and connect to the bank?

And how millions   more. There is only one answer. Find and install plug-ins or the right plugin for that feature. With a search on Google you will get the desired result.

Search this way: The  widget displays the most popular posts in widgets

Then you will see thousands of sites have different suggestions for you.

How to install an ebony

WordPress plugins are usually free and over 25,000 free WordPress free plugins usually find anything. This is a very easy task. Go to the extensions section and click Add. Then, search the name of the plugin in the search box, and then click the install key after identifying the plugin   .

If you would like to see a list of popular 2016 extensions, see here.

Congratulations, you made a great free website!

Keep in mind that creating a modern template for WordPress is a specialist and requires knowledge. If you like, you can enter this category yourself or order your own design template to a design company like Naxar.

If you would like to do this yourself and do not know where to start, email me or contact Naxar Company and tell Hamed Ayoubi! I will show you the best way.

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The store and its superiority to the traditional store

The store and its superiority to the traditional store

Online Store - Designing Online Store - Online Store - WordPress Store - Designed by WordPress

The online store is a way of communication between you and the customers, there is an interval in online sales and one of the benefits of this type of sale is that, in order to guarantee your inventory, you do not need to store a large number of goods and keep them in storage. . You can also use warehousing software to store information, inventory statistics, and analyze products and goods. There is no doubt about the profitability of online sales, and sellers need to be more aware of the benefits of it.

E-commerce is becoming one of the main requirements of any business, and in the near future will completely replace the traditional market.

Among the benefits of online store:

Online Store - Designing Online Store - Online Store - WordPress Store - Designed by WordPress

Start your online store right now

– No geographical limit:

Sales in the online store are not limited to a specific area or city. It is possible to offer goods or services to the whole country and use of international credit cards to all parts of the world.

No time limit:

Your business is 24-hour active even when you are having fun and relaxing, and you’re selling and earning money through your online store without spending time and energy.

-reduction in costs:

Costs such as renting a place, warehouse, showcase, salesperson, sleeping property, etc. are not available in the online store. And the product is cheaper for the customer because of the removal of intermediaries, which will attract customers and sell more.

This article can also be interesting for you to   attract new customers for the online store using Google Plus

Online Store - Designing Online Store - Online Store - WordPress Store - Designed by WordPress

Start your online store right now

-To provide better customer service:

Facilitating communication with customers and other companies and providing complete customer information in the online store will attract the buyer. The other  benefits of the  online store are the  right to choose and easy comparison for users and the ability to chat about the store’s products and services. While providing these services in  traditional stores  is not possible.

Database Database:

In the online store, the amount of sales, the profile of buyers, inventory, the amount of welcome each item, and all other store information at any moment for the seller and buyer is available for viewing and reporting.

Online Store - Designing Online Store - Online Store - WordPress Store - Designed by WordPress

-Easy shopping:

Ease of choice, order, delivery of goods or services, and the seller’s and buyer’s interconnection in the online store is possible.

-Shop of online catalog of products:

The online store can also have a promotional role as a catalog of products.

Company design company  Design of store  Development co

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