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HTML Tutorial | Graffiti markup language

Learn html

 Why should HTML training be our top priority?

Html tutorials for someone who wants to learn how to design a site should be considered as the first step in designing a site. At the first session of the html tutorial, we’ll discuss the subject together, so stay tuned to us.

Many friends may have the idea that most web sites that exist on the Web, because of their two-way user interaction, use server-side technologies such as asp and php, and html does not have any applications in them, and need to learn html Do not have But this awesome website will eventually become html to be displayed to the user because:

  • Browsers that display web pages on a user’s monitor.
  • Browsers do not know any format other than html.
  • Servers need to convert php or asp to html technologies and send them to the browser so browsers can display the website.
  • Servers use the web server to turn server-side technologies into html.
  • Apache is the web server of PHP scripting language.

What is html

html The term  Hyper Text MarkUp Language means the hypertext markup language.

Html describes the structure of web pages using markup.

  • An HTML file is a plain text file that contains tags that are referred to as a tag.
  • An HTML file can be created by a plain text editor like Notepad.
  • You must save an HTML file with the HTML or Htm extension.
  • HTML elements that are bundled together with brick structures create web page wikis.
  • Html elements are displayed by tags or tags.


Html tutorials should be prioritized. Remove the site from the first step.

HTML History  :

In the 1980s, a physicist named  Burns Lee,  who co-operated with the CERN project, designed and presented ENQUIRE, an important system for CERN researchers to use commonly used data. In 1989, Berners-Lee wrote a proposal for a cloud-based text-based Internet system. Berners-Lee identified a specific HTML type and wrote a search engine and server software at the end of the 1990s. During these years, this physicist and engineer of the CERN data systems, Robert Cailliau, made a joint venture, but this project was not formally followed by CERN. In his personal notes of 1990, some hypertext areas have been used, and at the beginning an encyclopedia was used.

What is XML?

Ayksamal or eXtensible Markup Language  stands for Extensible Markup Language is.

Provides the possibility of storing structured data.

XML is designed for storing and transmitting information.

Xml tags should be closed, unlike the html tags that, if not closed, were still output.

The empty tags in xml must be closed.

BOOTSTRAP Training | Why should a BOOTSTRAP designer learn?

XML Language Difference with HTML:

html is a markup language and specifies how to display the data by the browser if xml is responsible for storing and transferring information so that the information does not disappear.

What is XHTML?

xhtml stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.

The xhtml standard was presented after html4 and before html 5.

xhtm is a combination of html and xml.

xhtml was more stringent than html, so html 5 was introduced as a more flexible version of html because it was less willing to work with xhtml due to the strictness of working with xhtml.

What is the difference between HTML and XML?

  • In XHTML, all tags must necessarily be closed.
  • In XHTML, the tags should be opened and closed first.
  • In XHTML, the attributes and tag names must be written in lowercase letters.
  • The XHTML file must contain a root element   .
  • All images must have an explanation.

In the future, I will talk more about these materials

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