1. Update your site every day based on its subject and enter new content. Google’s algorithms will be updated in 2015 on the basis that the website should have good and adequate content and appropriate to the subject of the site. 

2. Most search engines, especially Google, consider SEO to be user-friendly, so implement the world’s knowledge of the day. Note on site design use a way to be supported by most popular browsers. Particularly noteworthy, you should also benefit from the design of the Responsive Web site.

3. Another important aspect of the site’s SEO in the future could be the speed of the site, which is always one of the elements of website ranking, so the speed of loading the website on the computer as well as on the mobile (if Use the design of the RSS-based website. To test the speed of the website, you can use Google’s Page Speed software. 

4. Another interesting point, and of course, can be permanent for site SEO to be active on social sites. Due to the high level of user’s experience in these types of websites, it can be very effective in the site’s SEO. To do this, it’s better for the web. Choose the social sites that are relevant to your business and start there.

5. Google loves a site that is very important to its users and all the information that is available on the site is useful for the user. So, if you try to make useful information useful to your site users, it’s best to design a site that will give the user more time. On a website and consider your website as a source of information and to enter the website for successive loads. 

6. Focus on designing your website with new and user-friendly styles. Today’s statistics show that two-dimensional web sites are good for users and they are content with websites. 

7. Note: Do all your work for the SEO site with SEO Supervisor, from the link inside the content to the other links, as well as the production of content based on the principles of SEO and ….

8. Another important topic in SEO is that in the design of the site, you should also consider the local SEO site. For more information about local SEO, you can refer to the SEO article on web design. 

The result is that in order to be able to have a good site in the future, it’s best to first create a SEO site and also get expert help from a site, this is important if you do not do the right SEO, Google will not only rank Negative for the site will also have the possibility of penalizing the website. The Intenational Designers Group has the best specialists in the country regarding SEO, which can help you design a site based on SEO principle

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