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Many of the world’s leading brands and brands are still ahead of Google’s ads and are always one step ahead of their rivals. Advertising on Google is one of the fastest selling advertising methods in the online world. In less than 15 minutes, you can rank a Google and transform your business.

I have written this article to help friends who do not have enough experience and information to advertise on Google.

In this article, I will try to explain the advantages and disadvantages of advertising on Google or the Google Adwords. Is Google Adwords really the best option? What can we do to make advertising more profitable in Google? How does advertising optimize on Google? How to get rank 1 in Google ads? And I’ll talk about other multiple questions that I’m sure you will get by reading this article.

So if you do not really have full information about ads on Google, I suggest that you upgrade your data before you post it to Google Adwords.


What is Google Ads (Google Adwords)?

Google Adwords Ads

Google Ads or  Google Adwords is Google  ‘s advertising platform, which provides Google with the most revenue. Google Adwords can display your site or ad in Google search results, or apps and sites that are Google-like, such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, and more.

As you know, in addition to ads in Google search results, ads are not used by any of our sites or apps for Iranians. If you’re already on Google and search for a fairly competitive domain, there are typically two or three primary sites that have come up with ads on Google. Usually, these ads can be identified with the “Ad” tag at the beginning of their site address in the search results.

In Google ads, you can advertise your site at the top or bottom of Google search results by paying a fee. Google Adwords Ads allow you to set your site to the words and phrases that your exact audience is looking for as your site is displayed to them as long as your audience is looking for your services.

Ad Google is also referred to as Google’s ad click. Because you pay for each click. That is, if your site is displayed thousands of times in advertising positions and only 10 people click on it, then the cost of the click of the same 10 people is calculated. (Of course this was just an example)


Why should I use Google ads? What are the advantages?

One of the benefits of using ads on Google is that you can place your site in a very short time in any keyword and keyword you want to rank Google. Maybe many friends are just  using Google Adwords for this reason  . In fact, the general view of people from advertising on Google is to get the first rank, but if Google Adwords has many benefits and does not end there.

Here are some of the important benefits that Google brings to you when it comes to advertising.


More purposefulness

The first advantage of Google Adwords is its targeting. With Google Adwords you can focus precisely on your target audience. The quality of customers that you attract through ads on Google will be very high because you attract customers who are looking for your products and services.

This is because many advertising methods are not targeted at all! For example, click-through advertisements are viewed on high-visitor sites. Many users just click on them because of the attractiveness of the banner to see what’s behind it.

But if it’s not in Google ads. Of course, it’s very important that the landing page and its title are perfectly optimal and user-friendly. But in general, like Google Adwords, Google is a Google search engine, and many people have the first thing to do to meet their needs, so Google Adwords will be more targeted.

As you know, Google is one of the most famous companies in the world that has millions of people every day. For this reason, he claims he is always trying to show the best results to his audience. Of course, this depends on the correct implementation of targeted advertising on Google. But in any case, visitors who enter Google from each site will have a much higher quality.


Cost savings

Another benefit of Google Adwords is to save on advertising costs. If you can launch your campaigns in a targeted way in Google’s accounts, you can certainly save money.

However, many friends who use Google ads without their knowledge and advice from an expert start their ads on Google and unfortunately spend a lot of money. Without making a decent return. I will talk more about this.

In many of the click advertising methods you see on visitor sites, many clicks take place without any purpose. Maybe, as I mentioned before, because of the banner’s attractiveness! So overall, ads on Google are more targeted than other advertising methods. Most of your cost savings on google adwords.


High flexibility

One of the best features of Google Adwords is its high flexibility. Many marketers in the world only use Google Adwords for their own advertising. Google Adwords can coordinate with other marketing and analytics services like Google Analytics so that you can manage your advertising campaigns more professionally.

You can also make sure your ads are displayed by Google Adwords only for people with specific circumstances. For example, you can restrict your advertising to a specific geographical area or restricted to certain devices, such as a mobile device. You can even control the display time. For example, do not show your ads between 12:00 pm and 6:00 am. Because you may have no effects at those times. Of course, all these conditions depend on your field of work.

Whenever you like, you can review and analyze the results through the admin panel. For example, you can check the status of the click on the target keywords or the cost spent per click.

You can even change the words and phrases you have chosen to display your ad and check the results again.


High return on investment (ROI)

One of the most prominent feature of advertising on Google, according to many digital marketing experts, is the return of capital. It is true that the return on investment depends on many things, including the quality of products and services, brand trust, the transformation of audiences into loyal users, and then on the customer, and, as it is known, in many cases, it is time-consuming, but if the advertising campaigns You are optimized for Google Adwords, be sure to return a high return.

Of course, this depends on a lot of things, and in general, you should constantly analyze your advertising campaigns from all sides in order to get the best possible returns from Google Adwords.

By calculating your return on costs, you can have more precise planning to attract new customers, and increase your sales.


Helping Grow Businesses

Google Adwords, in addition to its advertising ability, can also help expanding online businesses. Many businesses use Google Adwords to better understand their potential customers and customers.

For example, many professional SEO jobs use Google Adwords to identify the key words and phrases that are used by the audience. Even occasionally, just because of the identification of a series of new and useful keywords, promotional campaigns are being tested on Google Adwords.

In addition, as I mentioned, many businesses through Google Adwords can have a better understanding of their audience. For example, by reviewing the keywords you have searched for, you can see what your audience is more interested in. Whether or not they are more active on the Web, more than spatial coverage, most of your users are mobile or the desktop and information that may be important for any business.

In this way, you can make the products and services that you offer more targeted to your users’ needs in order to drive your business towards success.


Branding with Google Adwords

Many sites and companies use Google Adwords for their branding purposes only. It does not matter at all in branding sales of products or services! It’s important to see you. In fact, it is important to have a look at your campaigns, which indicates that your ad is being exposed to the number of customers or audience. In branding, you only pay the cost of remembering your slogans in the mind of the customer.

Many companies use Google ads to raise brand awareness or  brand awareness . Visiting your brand and its familiarity to your audience will make you more likely to be more likely to use your products or services in the future. It may also introduce your brand to others.

Also, many sites that optimize their site and SEO, are now in good positions in Google search results, but nonetheless, their Google Adsense ads are always active. The reason for this is nothing but power to the rivals.


Is Google Adwords Really Effective?

Google adwords click advertising

The use of Google ads for any business, whether small or large, can be effective. Many friends who say that they are not worthy or not worthy of Google Adwords, they say that they do not know enough about it. In fact, the reason many companies do not use Google Adwords are the negative ones they have heard about.

But if we judge our hat we will see that Google is one of the most profitable companies in the world and its only source of revenue is advertising from Google. that is all! So if advertising really is not effective on Google, if it’s too expensive for its returns, if its return rate is too low, and so much else, then how does Google make so much money from Google? Why do all these companies and businesses use it in the world?

Those who talk about not being Google Adwords are those who did not have a good experience. There are those who did not optimize the landing pages. There are a lot of people who have made a lot of mistakes in choosing their keywords, those who did not have good analysts, and ultimately those who did not have any expertise themselves, but who did not use any specialist or even a consultant in their Google ads.

If you want advertising on Google to be effective for you and have the most revenue for you, you need to be aware of your advertising campaigns in Google Adwords. For example, knowing the best and most relevant keywords or having a good quality grade that increases your ad’s rank on Google is very important and important. In fact, observing such things in Google Adwords will help you to get the best return on the lowest cost.


How to save on our Google Adwords costs?

One of the excuses that many friends do not use Google Adwords is the high cost of this popular advertising platform in the world. In some businesses, competing for keywords is very intense. And the same thing makes the auctioning of selected keywords more expensive. Maybe many people think that using Google Adwords for a lot of businesses is not at all affordable!

For example, in some areas of work, such as “party formalities,” the price per click sometimes reaches $ 8. That means you can deduct $ 8 from your Adwords account for a click, and this may be a very high cost for many businesses.

With the high cost of these dollar days in our country and the fact that advertising costs on Google are paid in dollars, this excuse is somewhat acceptable. But to know this, considering the benefits that Google Adwords has, the cost that Google pays for advertising will be quite cost effective. In the following, I’ll talk about some things that keep them in line with Google’s advertising costs.


Learn how to work yourself

As I mentioned before, lack of awareness about Google ads is one of the reasons why you can easily lose your advertising budget without having to return the investment for you. And it certainly will mean failure.

My first suggestion is to get started working with the Google Adwords panel. There are many tricks in Google Adwords that helps you get the most out of your ads. There are a lot of classes and courses that the company can turn you into a Google Advertising Specialist.

If you do not have the time or patience, I suggest you be sure to get an expert on your Google ads.


Focus on your main audience

Try to focus on your main audience. If you want to target more audiences, you should definitely advertise more keywords and phrases that will cost you more.

It’s best to invest in the real audience that you think will benefit you more. Advertise your site’s words and phrases so you’re sure to turn your customers around. Of course, for more information about this, you need to do more research and analysis.


Make your ads more optimal

It’s best to work on your landing pages. In terms of title and content should be optimal. The title of your ad in Google Adwords is also very important. Try to get your promotion title exactly relevant to your landing page issue. Otherwise, be sure the conversion rate will be less and less, and certainly it is at your expense.

By optimizing your ads, you can increase the quality of your ad to Google and it will be in your favor.

To optimize your landing pages, be sure to use the A / B test. Always testing the best results for you.


Forget the Search with Display option

Using  Search with Display  in Google ads is more beneficial for companies and businesses looking for branding. Many uninformed friends use this option to run their adwords advertising campaigns, which will make their advertising budgets lose.


Always analyze your campaigns

One of the things you always have to do is test your campaigns in Google Adwords. Connect Google Analistik to your EDDs and get help. How much of your audience has entered your landing page through what keywords, how much they have dropped out immediately, how much they stayed on your site and how much they turned into customers, it’s really the case. It is important to directly relate to the cost and return on your investment.

Understanding how much advertising you are doing at the moment will certainly save you money. For example, if you have a high cost keyword in a keyword campaign but does not give you high-quality traffic, it’s best to stop it as soon as possible.


Is SEO better with Google ads?

The answer to this question is quite clear. Advertisements on Google do not mean seo. In fact, we can say that SEO and Google Adwords are complementary. When you do not have a good SEO site, you should not use Google ads. Of course, you can tell yourself that we use Google Adwords when we are unable to do so and that we are going to rank our site very soon.

Of course, that’s exactly the case, but as I mentioned many times, the optimality of the site, and especially landing pages, will directly correlate with the performance of your Google ads.

Of course, in other words, SEO is optimized for our users in any way. That is, our site has good content and it is useful for our target audiences.

So with these interpretations when your site is not optimal or it’s better to say that there is a weak SEO, it’s best to think first about it and use Google Adwords.

On the other hand, you can not always use Google Adwords Ads. That’s why it’s better to think about the future. As long as your advertising budget is available, you can be at Google’s top rank, but then you may lose your place. So, it’s better to improve your site simultaneously with ads on Google SEO.


Finalizing and Speaking

In a word, if you want to advertise in the web, the best option for any advertising business on Google is the Google Adwords. If you want to get the best out of your Google Adwords ads, be sure to look at the issues I mentioned in this article.

Also, I suggest that you start a Google Advertising campaign that has enough experience and credibility in Google Adwords. Never work with sites that use Google Adwords themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, your awareness of Google Adwords is very important. If you do not have enough information and you have no experience with this, be sure to get help from a specialist. Of course, if you choose a credible company that really works in their work, they will not be worrying.

I hope you’ve used enough of this article and I hope I’ve been able to raise your profile on Google ads. If you also have an experience in advertising on Google, be sure to share with me and other friends

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