Aikia store can retail in augmented reality?

Aikia store can retail in augmented reality?


In today’s site design article , we want to talk about augmented reality and give it some information about it. The augmented reality may seem like everything is for entertainment and entertainment, but the new Augmented Reality Program (AR) of the AIKIA store proves that the technology also has practical applications.

Aiko’s online store launched its Augmented Reality Program in September 2017 with the release of iOS 11. This app was built on Apple’s ARKit. This is a framework that allows developers to create augmented augmented reality apps for the iPhone and iPad. With the introduction of ARKit technology to millions of iOS users, IOS has played an important role in the technology of the day.

Although many of the most downloaded ARKit apps are related to games, the Ikea store is much easier to buy with its brand and has more and more popular among users ever since.

Designing the Aiko Online Store, users can see how they will look at the products of the AIKIA in their homes, in order to be able to attend the purchase and collect all the products they want. This app is very easy to use, as easy as 2,000 products can be selected from the Ikea store and stored on your device to see how the product is in use.

Three-dimensional images are presented and, according to AIKIA, users can easily compare the product in space, and about 98 percent of users with confidence can use this program to measure the dimensions of the product in the space they are looking for. It can even see the texture and the product’s shape in conditions of light and shadow in a space.

Ikea store

AR applications that attract the most attention of the audience. They are usually designed for entertainment. I think Pokemon, Snapchat and other AR games are played by their favorite gamers. But although the use of AR technology in the AIKIA store may be relatively mild at first glance, it is, in fact, a complex tool for users whose future implications for retail use. The AIKIA program shows that there are three key benefits to users of AR in their experiences and can invest in this area.

Augmented Reality helps fill the omnichannel chat

These days almost every business is looking for ways to design a site that maximizes its marketing approach from omnichannel. The integration of consumer experience in digital and traditional hubs is a great challenge to find ways to link each other. Value-added reality programs are part of the solution.

With AR on the AIKIA store, which puts its products at consumer’s homes, this is a combination of the digital world and real, which makes it a great device on mobile devices. A program that is both mobile and on a website where users can buy products online.

Ikea store

AR can improve the experience in the store

Shopping in Ikea is stressful so people are on the move, but Ickie’s success story has proven that Iikea has a huge inventory of products.

Knowing that you want to buy in the big and convenient space is a great challenge for buyers. In the right place, buyers can enjoy the purchase they are doing, whether it is a physical space or an internet platform and this is a good experience for users.

Aikia improves the service experience in the store and allows users to take their shopping list unrestrictedly. So users can place a list of product options in their homes, they enter the program and choose to make the final decision and even can compare it with hundreds of others. Aikia allows users to have more satisfaction with their purchases.

AR will increase the sales of e-commerce

Buying furniture and home decor online is very dangerous for users, they are almost stressed for it. Usually these products are great and their transportation is difficult. Customers are at a great cost to transport. Size, size and color can be specifically targeted for online shopping to challenge the users.

AR can help increase e-commerce by reducing barriers to online shopping. This question arises in the minds of customers that everything in real life seems to reduce the uncertainty and more probability of online shopping, and also does not spend a lot of money on shipping for large items.

Ikea store

Where is the root of AR?

The augmented reality has many potential applications that can be used in the retail sector. Currently retailers of cosmetic products such as Sephora and L’Oreal are used. So users can see the products in real time. It can be very functional at the store. Users can easily see clothes and accessories before ordering online.

The online stores are looking to value customers, and the best way to get the best out of the Ikea store is to give ARR customers more access to their online shopping experience with the AR program

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