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Entering the internet business world is full of tedious macabre and bitterness and sweetness to achieve this hard-won wish … Maybe you’ve heard the name of the Vocomeris store or not …

Every company and every store likes to sell their products over the internet.

But the wrong belief is that by building a site design store alone can become a store site like DJ’s, but how many people have succeeded in this multi-storey site?

Vocommerce store

What’s the secret of the success of these stores at all, which sometimes some of them make some of them succeed and others fail?

It should be noted that having a good sales format is a prerequisite for achieving a successful Internet business, but it is not enough; here we introduce the woocommerce store system under the powerful WordPress CMB, the benefits of this store with We also examine.

Benefits of building a   Woo Commerce site


  • Everything is gathered in one place

One of the main advantages of Vucamers is that everything is seamlessly integrated, a comprehensive system that allows the site administrator to categorize the products to show users their most popular products.

Inform users of their latest products, sell or sell their products for a limited period of time, all of which are part of the 100 Woo Commerce Store products.

  • Discount code, the excitement of a purchase

Maybe everybody has noticed that in their new marketing, other marketers are customers themselves, successful businesses like Quickfood, Rayon, Snap … all with the new marketing method that gives special privileges to customers who add new users to their system. It also keeps past customers alive, making them expand their business day by day.

The Vocommerce Store Manager enables you to design a powerful web site so that you can define discount codes in different shapes, disposables or ups to a specific ceiling or belong to a specific category of products. The beauty of using the Vucomeris is that it enables you to implement your store as you have in mind, bring your ideas closer to reality, and grab success.

  • Product comparison and feature definition

Getting ready for your products with predefined features will accelerate business expansion and add products to you.

Defining the features and having the ability to compare products will help users compare their products and make a better decision, having these features will make the user more and more updated to visit your site.

  • Different payment portals

All payment terminals are easily adapted to this extension and support the Persian language as well as the Toman or Rials. That can be used to solve various needs of its users needs a long time to evolve. Vocomers of the era Growth has passed well and has become a complete plugin for users.

  • Shipping cost by region

Vocommerce defines the delivery of a physical item in such a way that the site administrator can specify the cost of sending for different areas, or even in more advanced mode, can consider conditions for the posting price, for example, the cost of sending a factor of The weight is closed, or higher than a specific amount, the shipping fee will not apply, or for special users the cost of sending a discount is given. These features allow you to have a complete store with professional features that make it easy to change all parts of the management.


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