Why and How to Design a Store Site

Why do you need an online store?

When you hear someone steal your store, the first thing that comes to your mind is the DJ’s product. Perhaps the most famous and oldest Iranian store site that can be said to be the most successful of them, but what is the reason for this success? 
It’s time to ask yourself what the difference between store sites is that one is so famous and one knows no one other than the owner of another site, which factors make a successful online store

Important factors in this regard will be discussed in detail below.

Maybe you can clarify the subject with one example. Suppose an apartment wants to be built. What is the first thing that the builder should pay attention to?

As you have come to mind, the structure of the building is the most important part of a structure.

The code of a site design is like a skeleton of a building, but if the skeleton is not designed in principle, the more color it is given, the building cannot be its own.

In order to have a successful store site, the most basic part of it is the format of your store, in accordance with the latest SEO principles, and avoid any additional code that would cause traffic to go down and speed up your site.

But what’s a good store format?

At the beginning, we will start the basic facilities of the store

  • High speed, principled design

Whether to design a storefront that has high speed and design based on the latest Google standards requires a high level of programming experience, the speed of a particular website especially affects its ranking on Google.

  • Strong management system with professional facilities

If a manager does not have the necessary tools for his online store, he can not handle a store well. The tools for managing an online store can be divided into three broad categories, the first and most important of which is the convenience and speed with which to work. , Offers the manager of a store website that can easily take advantage of the features that it has in mind, it does not need to teach the design of the site and coding, all the facilities are prepared as modules ready for the manager to easily be able to with it To work.


  • Responsive or Responsive Design

You may have heard a lot of responsive design, or reciprocal design, but why is it all important? 
Why should an online store be designed responsive?

Times have changed, smartphones have been replaced by users, they will no longer be displayed on home-desktop computers, users prefer to fix all their needs with their mobile phone, product search Man is not interested in finding the store they want. Design for mobile phones or tablets should be such that the users who enter your online store do not get confused, everything is best for the characters. The phone is designed to remove additional elements or change their location.

Having mobile status is one of the most important factors in the site’s SEO, and due to the increasing number of users entering by mobile phones, the importance of this issue is increasing day by day.

  • Web designing with no predefined codes or templates

The first concern of business owners who are entering into the world of Internet sales is how and where to trust to be designed specifically for them?

Using ready-made templates can slow down the site and weaknesses of your online store, we promise in the Spinach design company that the template is written specifically for you from zero.


But what is the importance of designing a store website for your business development?

You may have any kind of business, a disposable dealer, up to an importer of luxury cars. But why should you set up an online store for your business?

Having a site-based approach can be a great way to introduce your business and guide customers from different parts of the city or country and boost your business.

Perhaps it’s hard to believe it, but a successful store site can make more money than your physical store, the customer will be directed to your store website. See the features of the products, compare them, read the comments, and In the end, he chooses his product and pays through his payment port, all without having to have a manpower.

If you are now thinking about designing your own dedicated store site or needing advice in this area, the Design Team can be your gateway

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