The design of a website is called a website design and design from zero to a hundred. These steps vary from firm to company, depending on the company’s programming language and business plan.

Website design companies that create ordered web sites using WordPress will proceed according to a specific program.

Of course, in some cases, when one of the customer’s website designers request to deliver the website in less time, the time for these steps will be shortened and the website will be offered to the client in less time.


In this way, members of the site design company will focus more on that project and will spend it shorter.

Web design steps

In general, it should be noted that the design process of a web site is such that a person or company can refer to the website design company for a website and consult with them.

Experts at the company will provide them with the advice they need to have a great website and make the necessary decisions.

  Best Site Designer

The graphics and features required by the website are specified and agreed upon in this case. All of these agreements are based on customer preferences.

The design is codified and implemented after design in Photoshop and customer approval.

The process of implementing the psd design may take several days, this time depends on the type of project, the complexity of the project, and the number of pages and sections of the website.

After the completion of the website, the support phase begins. All services provided to the customer after the delivery of the site are called support.

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