What is digital marketing?

 What is the definition of digital marketing ?

First of all, what is digital marketing? 
You can do online digital marketing online and offline

Digital marketing consists of two parts:

The first part is the impact on the consumer and the next is the part that the consumer is looking for. 
Therefore, in the digital marketing community as a whole, it means that we can target the digital marketing through digital technologies. Digital 
marketing is an advanced level of marketing. Traditional marketing is happening in the digital world

What Can Digital Marketing Be:

PC can be done 
through radio 
Email database ourselves 
Imaging social networking sites 
through SEO 
in today’s world with advances in the field can be many ways this type of marketing did 
today Big companies realized that it could not be successful with traditional marketing to make big progress, but digital marketing could be advanced very soon.

The disadvantages of traditional marketing were that:

This method was not suitable for small companies that did not have a high financial capability due to its high cost 
in this type of marketing. 
This type of marketing is much harder than digital marketing. 
The take-up time is much longer than digital. 
It’s not possible to display all the products and services, 
and the other disadvantage was that we could not have accurate statistics on how many people viewed advertising.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing:

The ability to display all products and services on the site and the virtual world 
, and it is much easier to work with. 
Feedback in this method is much more than the traditional method. 
Communication with customers in this way is done continuously through the site and the Internet.

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