What is Alexa and Alexa Ranking Improvement

What is Alexa 

Alexa is a site that ranks blogs and sites.

In a world where ranking and ranking of sites is very important, what level of Alexa you get is very important.

Today, most webmasters and site owners are looking for a decent position on Google.

This will improve your ranking at Alexa and increase the number of visitors.

How can I understand Alexa’s rank?

You must first install Alexa Toolbar and place your site or blog as a home page.

You can install the Alexa toolbar via the link below:


Once installed, simply log in to the site through the same browser that you have installed the Alexa Toolbar.

After checking in to the site, you can find the rank of your site by checking the Alexa toolbar.

Every day, check your site rating and compare with the previous days.

Certainly, this comparison and analysis of the graph on your site provides useful information about the marketing of your business and your collection,

Provides site performance and user satisfaction and impact on them.

Here are some ways to raise Alex’s rank:

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Alexa Ranking 

1. Update your site information and content. Alexa has a higher rating for websites that are updated.

2-As far as possible, suggest and recommend the Alexa Toolbar to others, as well as your site visit.

Alexa gives a higher rating to sites that have more visitors.

3. Try to be stable and persevere.

Surely, sites that are continually being viewed are ranked higher and higher than sites that are currently active.

Try to maintain steady progress in the quality of your content.

And think of the right ways to attract visitors from your site.

4. Keep track of your opponents and follow them. Because your rank is measured relative to the rating of others.

Your hits may increase over a period, but your rating will not change.

This does not necessarily mean that your performance is weak, but it means more of your competitors’ efforts.

So, you should always review your plans and rules and keep track of your opponents’ behavior.

And at any time, there are new ways to improve the content and attract the audience that you should consider.

And make sure your rivals are constantly making progress.

5. The best and most principled way to deliver quality and attractive services.

What you should keep in mind is a quality and user-friendly site, attractive content and quality services.

6. Another way to improve Alex’s ranking is to visit the sites at a glance and link to these sites.

That should be done rightly and legally.

This can be achieved by commenting and participating in discussions and forums.

7-Publish news and articles and useful content with many contacts on your site.

This will increase the traffic of your site and increase Alexa’s rank.

We will do this in principle at Spins Design and within a short period of time you can see an increase in your site rank and Alexa ranking.

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