What are the steps of dedicated web design?

Write RFP

Is there really a RFP (proposal or proposal) required? Well, in the dedicated site design, this is a must-have because you do not follow a default template and a new template needs to be codified and formatted.

Estimated cost of site design

At this stage, the site design company will estimate the exact cost of the requested application, which may be higher than the normal website design.

Dedicated website design meetings

In the meantime, several meetings are held both at the employer’s premises and at the site of the Design Company, where initial agreements for designing and building the site are documented and signed by two parties.

Delivered by the original designer

At this stage of your dedicated site design, you will see and review a preliminary plan of your site that has been sent to you, and if you are consistent with your criteria, you will submit it for that design.

If the employer has any changes to the site, it will be announced, and the new plan will be sent, given that there is no structural change.

Web design coding

This is the most important step in the design of the dedicated site , which is the implementation of the website based on HTML, CSS, and then with PHP coding you will have a full panel to manage your site

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