Top 10 Top Sites in E-Commerce

10 beautiful and new e-commerce site that you should see.

In the new year 2017 , they will showcase these beautiful designs in the design of the site to draw attention of their audience.

There is no point in the design of the site for access to the problem, and especially when it comes to paying for online, its first, second and third priorities are assigned to a great user experience. Visually and reliably see the contact in the labels.

When you create beautiful and creative designs, it does not harm the site. This is exactly what these top 10 world sites have achieved in 2017.

Each offering a complete site of both aesthetics and performance can be inspirational in the world of e-commerce.


  1. Adidas Climachil2017

Adidas Climachil sports a large part of the world through the use of technological technology pioneers (woven with titanium and triple-aluminum cooling) to help athletes work in hot climates. This innovation should also be in the context of a creative design site.

The proper use of memorable photography to engage the audience’s emotional neck and can click on it and experience a good feeling. In addition, it has the ability to sell through a click on it to the main site.



    1. B & O PLAY Spring / Summer 2017

      The company is a subsidiary of BANG & Olufsen, B & O, an electronic and consumer company with a wide range of audio products such as headphones, speakers and music systems. This site is designed by the Danish agency, which employs glamorous and glamorous photos to enhance the site and design a beautiful image like a magazine. Due to the nature of brand premium, this approach helps. To be more confident, they have the right to choose and can order at the right moment.

        1. Carbon Beauty

      Carbon Beauty is based on the idea that customers deserve a platform to browse and buy beautiful products. This design is done by the Canadian Locomotive Agency. This extraordinary design is based on the color of the eye and collage designs. Customers can easily pick and buy.







      1. Wed’ze

        Wed’ze is an affordable brand of ski goggles. The company is just eager to compete with the price. This website was designed and presented extensively by the French academy Akaru in 2017-2016. This site is similar to the artificial intelligence that goes through the glasses on the slopes. This site is an excellent example of simple but clever features for engaging visitors.





        1. More by Bourn

        If the site design is the ultimate goal of a commercial hierarchy, it is an emotional connection to the audience. This site is designed by Jugool America. It is easy to match the design of the dress and order it online.

        This website is a very simple page with black, white and red pallets in white space. If you are obsessed with shopping, it’s easy to have a simple, easy-to-order order on the page, as well as bother to pay.




        1. Lensabl

        Lensabl in the United States is a simple proposition for: medical lenses, available frames. This site is designed by the Santa Monica Herman Milk Agency. The information on this website has been digestible for customers and only allows you to select and go ahead and order.

        Most of all, on the homepage is inspired by video that becomes a powerful tool in contact with your eyes. This brand affects you.




        1. Velasque

        The website Velaska has targeted the site with its high quality shoes at fair prices and sales directly to the workshops. This website has been designed with a very stylish and beautiful design. The combination of a photographic model, photos from the workplace has given a special effect to this site.

        The site is an excellent example of a brand that is very effective in achieving e-commerce goals.



        1. Papyrus

        Established in Madrid in 2011, Nanny, Women’s Shirts, Long Skirts, handcuffs with unique designs in limited numbers on the site. This site is designed by the Spinese Studios in 2017. Given the idea that a picture says thousands of words, with a beautiful design with a glamorous art form, it gives the audience a sense of being ordered and bought on the site.




        1. Hashtag Bay

        Would you like to show a t-shirt to the public with different profiles and titles? The American Gulf Channel is well suited for providing topics. Shirts have different themes like music, politics and entertainment as well as funny designs.

        By having several categories and sub-categories, web designers have been able to do well. The thoughtful use of color coding for t-shirts is a pleasure.





        1. Hello

          In the modern world, the lines of work and game match the demands of customers. The design of shoes, bags and socks brings clothes to any place and time. The main page of this site has many photos with interesting concepts. An experience for its brand

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