The role of the blog in the design of the site

Most site design companies , after creating a website for their customers, offer them to consider a blog for their website and load their articles there.

Having a section called a blog for designing a site can be very helpful and indeed has a major contribution to optimizing search engines.

The texts that are relevant to the main subject matter of the website can play a role in obtaining better ratings by the website.

It’s better to post the quality of the article at a specified interval and shorten the pages so that the website is updated.


Features of blog articles

Articles loaded on the blog have several features, which should be followed by all.

The uniqueness of the article; the articles in the website design must be new and quality written. In writing, they should not be copied from the articles of other websites. You can use English language articles and translate them on the website.

  Create a private post in WordPress

The number of article characters; these articles should be at least 300 characters long, less than this, usually not acceptable from SEO extensions.

Having links or links; Links in articles are very important and are followed by search engines.

In general, you should try to select articles for the blog section that have a high quality. These articles can increase the number of visitors to the website and thus play a significant role in improving website rankings.

SEO is the design of the site on all the websites, especially the store websites, and can promote sales.

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