Retrieve the latest post changes in WordPress

Retrieving the latest post changes in WordPress is one of its internal features. This feature allows you to retrieve changes to a post and return to the previous version. This is called Post Revisions or Revisions. As you know, most of us make mistakes when writing. Sometimes you may want to not delete what you’ve written before. Revisions or modifications allow you to go back and cancel the changes. In this article, we’ll show you how to cancel changes to WordPress with post edits.

What is post reviosion?

WordPress has a powerful system to store the history of editing any post or page that is being written. In fact, WordPress stores a temporary copy whendesigning the site for any draft you work on . 

WordPress automatically saves storage every 60 seconds and automatically replaces the previous version with new saved changes. The automatic save feature retrieves the content that has been mistaken before storing storage. For example, if your computer is hanging up, you can restore the last stored item.WordPress also saves the sent changes each time a user clicks on the save, update, or publish button. Contrary to saving these changes, they are permanently stored in the WordPress database.

You can search and navigate through any of the edited pages via the post editor page.


Why should I use Post Revisions?

Almost every user who works with the WordPress site design can benefit from the post revision feature. Great writing and editing is required. In fact, the above feature will allow you to see the evolution of your story. Between different draft modes, modify the changes and complete your article for publication.

For wordpress wordpress websites, Post Revisions allow the editor to easily manage multiple authors. You can see who made changes in an article

How to use the post editor to cancel changes in WordPress

  User friendly design

WordPress displays a number of changes in the panel edit page. These changes are on the right side of the post editor page. By clicking on the “Revisions” option, you will go to the post changes page. On the page you will be able to access the latest post changes by scrolling.



The changes in the green and pink colors will be marked in each edit, as shown in the image above. Also, at the top of the page, you can see the user who created the time and other information about these changes. WordPress will also notify you that it is a draft revision or automatic storage. You can use the next and previous buttons to scroll around the revision box.

In addition, you can check the box that says “Compare both versions.” By doing this, you divide the navigator button into two parts, and you can move each button to a re-edit and compare the difference between two separate overviews.



To restore the revision, you can simply click Restore This Revision or Restore This Autosave. WordPress returns the selected text as your current revised version and you can save it as a draft.

Keep in mind that restoring to one step before the end will not remove the latest version of your post. Instead, WordPress will save it in the database as another version.

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