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Many people who do site design tend to register their business on Google Maps as well. Registering a company in Google Map requires some steps. In this article we will describe them.

Registration steps on Google Map

In the first step, you must log in to your Gmail account. If you have not had any Google account yet, it’s best to create a new account to register your business.


In the next step, you must log in to Google Maps (of course, the Google Mpuke you need to use, must be Persian).

Once you’ve logged in to Google, post your business or store location. Enter the name of the street, street or alley. For example, here we enter the website of Spinase Web design company.


In this step, click the menu button in the upper right corner.




A page opens where you specify the company name, job category and geographical location of your company.

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When positioning, it’s best to zoom in on the map and try to locate the location as accurately as possible. Put the red cursor at the point. Then press the “All” button.


Do not change the address that Google sets for your company, after clicking on the “Submit” button after you are sure of the specified location.

The address and profile of your company or business will be sent and this information will be recorded by email on Google. The process of registering on Google may take from ten minutes to 48 hours

Then, if someone finds your company on Google Map, its exact geographic position is displayed.


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