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Most people who are having problems or asking questions, search their answers or answer their questions on different websites, and the site design is a great help for people.

Different questions and answers are part of the question, which people must first register on the website, and then they can enter the question.

And those who know the answer to the questions entered or who are dealing with that particular issue and have come up with solutions will help the questioner and respond to him as much as possible.

Website design features FAQ

Web design

These websites must have a series of features that can be used to tell their competitors. One of the most important features is SEO.

If the SEO site is great, if you search relevant questions in the search engine, it will show the website in the initial results. So the chance of getting people to it will increase.

After site visits have gone up, the webmaster can put various ads on it and earn money online.

  Designing a legal site and lawyers

Another important feature is the speed of the website. After the user logs in to the site, he can open pages very quickly and seek answers to their questions, a very important point, otherwise the user is tired and goes out of the website.

Graphic and website design is also an important feature and has a lot to attract the audience. As we have seen, most Q & A websites do not look appealing, and even have not been used with interesting fonts, if viewed more importantly, the website will go up.

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