Noopener feature in WordPress

Features noopener in WordPress What? This is a question that has recently engulfed the mind of one of our users. You need to know this feature will be added to your link when opening a link in a new window. In this article, we will explain the noopener feature in WordPress and how it affects the website.

what is noopener

 noopener “is an HTML feature that is added to all WordPress links that are selected to open in the new browser tab. This property comes with a rel = “noreferrer” attribute. This feature in WordPress makes our website unattended by other malicious websites.  

There are some javascript features that allow you to control a new tab of the corresponding window. If you link to an external website that has malicious code, that website can use the javascript feature to change the home page (your website) to steal information and expand malicious code.

By adding the rel = “noopener” property, the new tab uses this javascript feature. Likewise, the “noreferrer” attribute prevents the transfer of reference information to the new tab.

WordPress always looks at the security of the website. When you add a link and select “Open in new tab”, WordPress adds the “noopener” and “noreferrer” attributes to its code.


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The html code generated by WordPress is as follows:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=”This is an external link (opens in a new tab)”> demo link </a>

How does the noopener feature affect wordpress SEO?

Although the “noopener” feature improves WordPress security, many users avoid using it because they think this will affect WordPress SEO. While this is just a fantasy. The SEO rating of your WordPress site is not affected.

Differences noopener and nofollow features:

It’s easy to confuse two noopener and nofollow attributes. They are two completely different features.

  • The noopener feature prevents your website from hacking and improves WordPress security.
  • The nofollow attribute prevents the link from linking your SEO to your website.
  • Search engines find the nofollow attribute when they find a link on your website. However, they do not pay attention to the noopener tag.

By default, WordPress does not allow you to add the nofollow attribute to your external links. If you want to add this feature to the WordPress site design , you need to use one plugin.

How to disable the noopener feature in WordPress?

To disable the noopener feature, it is not necessary to remove it from the links on the website. This feature is suitable for the security of your website and does not affect its function.

However, if you want to remove this feature, you should disable the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress and use the old classic editor.

Then you need to add the following code to the functions.php file or a specific site-specific plugin:

; add_filter (‘tiny_mce_before_init’, ‘wpb_disable_noopener’)

function wpb_disable_noopener ($ mceInit)


; $ mceInit [‘allow_unsafe_link_target’] = true

; return $ mceInit


Of course, we recommend that you do not delete the noopener property. There is no good reason to do this.

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