Where to link?

Two things are most important in designing sites . For site owners, site traffic and traffic.

These two categories are linked together.

In the ranking of search engines, the more traffic your site gets.

So these two categories are relevant to site optimization.

One of the best practices for traffic and traffic is to create one-way links that should be made from reputable sites.

To create these links you need to know which sites to place. If you know, you can easily create a valid link.

Here are some resources to build links:

News sites

Publishing on these sites is like article marketing. The best way to get a link on the site.

To publish it, you can use the free or paid method to publish the article on the site.

More marketers have come up with RRweb. But this may be costly but credible.

If the news is well written, it will be published on various sites. This will increase traffic and rank in the design of the site.

  Kuler tool for coloring on site design

Sites like Wikipedia

Sites like Wikipedia and Google are great resources for getting links.

Also, these sites provide all the important links to articles on your site.

So the links you take from these sites are displayed with Google’s high ranking.

Powerful links with .gov .edu domain extensions

Sites whose domains have this suffix have a lot of influence and power.

These sites are non-commercial and non-promotional.

Getting links from these sites is very valuable to your site design .

Use movies, slider and software

Many webmasters have succeeded in getting links by using movies, sliders and software.

It’s enough to share videos or content well, you can have many links to your website.

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