How to design a store website, how to design a store?

How to design a store website, how to design a store?

To the site that provides goods or services through the site and the Internet is called the online store, in fact, the store site is a showcase for goods or services.

Designing a Trend News Store These days are our beloved country in Iran, and it has its own hot spot. Perhaps the launch of the Digi Commodity store, which has been a great success, surprised everyone. Believe me that every day we have a lot of contacts. They want exactly the site like this great site

Web site design

As the internet shopping culture has settled, it’s great if you wanted to offer a product in your online store in the year 1380; there were a lot of problems, with 3 of them:

  1. How would you like to connect to the bank and pay for goods?
  2. More important than how should a user trust a store site? Was there a particular procedure?
  3. How was the delivery of the goods and how many days later the user got it?

Perhaps this is the 3 most important barriers to your work, but today, the launch and design of a store website like water are great !!

To what extent have the Internet shop set up problems?

It is true that many of the routines are normal:

  1. Connect to a bank within hours (thanks to the interface port)
  2. Sending goods through a variety of online or post delivery services
  3. Getting the trust symbol and satisfying customers

Just take the verb request!


Is it really easy to set up an online store?

Answer yes,


There’s a WAY There’s a very big one with us to examine issues, see when things are easy for everyone, and your competitors are very comfortable to design their own store site.

The point here is that the issues on which competition is not just about having a site


What is the competition in setting up and designing an online store?

If you ask me this question, perhaps more than 100 hours and more than 1,000 people, I have the following answers for you.

  • Attract the customer! Really, this is the most important competitive topic. The store you have launched can attract the customer.
  • good feeling! Does the user feel good about buying from your site? How long does it take 2 minutes to buy? 10 minutes?
  • Fast delivery, should you wait for days to access your goods? Should you pay more for fast delivery?
  • competitive price !! This one is very important. How much does your price cost? You know that users are comfortable and find the lowest price. Looking for professional design.


How is the online shop routine?

Customers choose and order their goods or services and place their order in the virtual basket and pay it through an online bank or on-site payment. 
Or they can complete their shopping cart within a few days to make a purchase later.

Web site design

General tips on designing a store site

  • The store’s website should have a high site speed so that users do not get tired of choosing goods or services until they reach the bank.
  • If the speed of reaching the port is high, the user will be discouraged from buying.
  • In general, one can say that the online store with the physical store is no different.
  • In the design of a store site like a physical store, you have to pay for the design of the store site.
  • If you do not pay enough for the design of your store site, you will not get any profit.
  • In the design of the store site, the security of the online store is very important in the first place.
  • Like the physical store that people care about their store or store.
  • The online store also needs to be considered security because Internet thieves are very skilled. Be sure to use SSL
  • In the design of the online store, there is also a need for advertising, like all people who use advertising to boost their business.
  • You need to get the most effective and effective advertising so that the user can become familiar with your customer service or merchandise store business.

What are the features of the Styled Shop?

design features include:

Product management:

  • Add and edit products unlimited
  • Build subcategories of products
  • Determine the price and inventory
  • Define different discounts
  • Possibility to send a different image for the product
  • Identify related products
  • Determine product composition (such as size, color, etc.)
  • Identification of product features (warranty brand, etc.)
  • Identify the dimensions and the product of the woman
  • Insert badge on merchandise (new – special – soon – lack of inventory)
  • Send an email and SMS to the customer for a purchase record

Shop Features:

  • Product comparison
  • Quick View
  • Possibility to display special products
  • Possibility to display bestseller products
  • Possibility to display the latest products
  • Show related products on the front page
  • Determine product color
  • Determine the type of warranty
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Zooming product images
  • Advanced products
  • Apply discounts on products
  • Apply Discounts to Users Group
  • Create newsletters and send to customers
  • Ability to record downloaded products
  • Ability to insert customer feedback and score
  • Display ads in different parts of the shop

Delivery and delivery methods:

  • Calculate Shipping Costs
  • Ordinary posts, pioneers and motorized couriers
  • Calculate the cost of candy
  • Calculate cost based on a weight


  • Best-selling products
  • Sales report by date
  • Sales report based on products
  • Fish reports based on product categories
  • Discounts report
  • Visit the products
  • Sales Analysis Charts

Web site design

What are the successful designs of the sponsorship site?

Website design has had a lot of successful stores like:

  • Design of Iran Diwali Store
  • Design of the shop of leather palaces
  • Designed by Tehran Baptist
  • Designed by Kusha Plast
  • Designing an Option Rad Store
  • Designing the Iranian Airlines Store
  • Design a jewelry store site
  • Designed by Milano Guyfat
  • Diamond Diamond Store Design
  • Design of the online store on the fashion
  • Web design shop store
  • The most exquisite design of the site

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