How to convert a site from static to dynamic

How to convert a site from static to dynamic

Development of Static  Static web page  on the site is said that the panel management, and ordinary people will not be able to manage and web design dynamic site that has a panel and is easily a person can manage content, and the texts and Put your favorite photos on the site. Or it can be easily edited.

The other site is Dynamic Site Dynamic Site.

On a static site that does not have content management panel, for every change, you need to have a specialist who has the technology and coding science.

To convert the site to dynamic, you can dynamically convert it to a dynamic look and maintain a content management panel.

When you have content management, you can easily edit the site. You do not need to be an expert.

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Site

Below are some of the differences between static and dynamic sites:

  • Static sites are sites on which there are no permanent changes and very few changes. These sites are used only for corporate introduction and notification.
  • On this site, the update to the content and images of the site is very low. In this type of design, the design costs are low. If the dynamic site wants to have a content management panel, be sure to share your designer with the dynamic site before designing the site.
  • Dynamic sites whenever you want to change information and content. You can develop dynamic sites.
  • Among these two categories of sites, there is also a third category called Semi-dynamic or Semi-dynamic sites. There are no changes in the content and texts in these categories, but you can use the forms with your users in Stay connected.

Static Site Benefits:

  • Low design cost
  • Low site volume
  • High security site

Disadvantages of Static Site

  • The cost of updating the site
  • Lack of managerial facilities
  • Need specialist for updates
  • Time on site changes

Dynamic Site Benefits

  • Easily access admin panel
  • Easy update
  • Low volume of information especially on large sites
  • Infinite design of the page
  • Optimization Manager

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