How to add title to photo in WordPress

In this article, we want to know how to add a title to an image on the Verpress . As you know, subtitles are brief descriptions that you can add to your pictures.Puggs are commonly used to provide more details about an image. With its built-in capability, WordPress easily adds subtitles, image names, nicknames and other metadata to any photo.

How to add title to photo in WordPress

To add a title to a photo, the first thing you need to do is upload the photo. Click on the Block Add icon to edit the post and select Block Image.

Then, by clicking on it, the image block will be added to your post area.

Now you can click the upload button to transfer the image from your computer to WordPress. You can also use the images you’ve already uploaded by clicking the Library button in the media menu. As soon as you add an image, the editor window appears, inside and below the image of a text box called Write caption.You can add a title to your image exactly in this box.

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After you do this, you can save your post by clicking the release button or the update button. Was not it easy?

Add title to image gallery

The WordPress Editor gives you the ability to upload multiple images in the gallery block. Now we want to see how to add captions to images in a WordPress gallery block?

We must first create a gallery of images. To do this, go to your edit page, then click the “Add Blocks” icon and select the “Gallery” block in the Blocks Common tab.


After the steps above, you see the gallery block on your page. You can now upload one-to-one images from your computer or select pre-loaded images from your media library.


If you upload images individually, then you can add a title after uploading any of them. When an image is uploaded, simply click on the image, the “Write caption” field will appear. You can add a title by clicking on it. Also, if you select the previously added images from the library, you can add an element to your images from the image metadata section on the right. If the photos already have a title, do not need to add it again.

Add subtitles to images in WordPress Media Library

WordPress allows you to upload images directly to the media library without embedding it into a post or page. In the next tutorial, how to add titles to images when uploading them directly to the media library. be with us.

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