Difference Between Writing and Worksheets in WordPress

Today we want this design on posts and pages in WordPress for you as our golden tips.

Most beginners who work with WordPress do not understand the posting of pages with the wrong page. By default, both the worksheet and the post are used for the content, but the writing and the sheet are different. Maybe you’ll be surprised as a beginner and tell yourself that there is no difference between the writing and the worksheet, both of which are located in the WordPress dashboard and used in the design of the site , or when asking questions such as when to use the posts. ? What is the difference between writing and writing? Or when should we use pages or tabs in website design ? We will answer your questions further.


What are Posts in WordPress?


In the  design of the site , content postings are published based on time and date, and allow users to be notified by the RSS feeds of the latest web site writings. Bloggers can use RSS feeds to send daily and weekly newsletters and send postings on the website to the audience who are members of the site.

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Another feature that posts to your website is that you can install one of the social network sharing plugins on the website and allow users to share their posts on social networks. They can easily follow your social media and become aware of the content of the web site, in addition to allowing website users to comment and comment on topics that are content and have active followers. There are even websites that you can disable in the settings. WordPress entries are usually published with the author’s name and date. The best example for writing on WordPress is this article you are reading at the top of the title, the author’s name, and publish time, and is designed under social networks for sharing.


What are the tabs or pages in WordPress?

Static pages “off-the-shelf” in the design of the site are the same sheets or contact pages, terms and conditions, about us, and so on. These pages do not expire in history, for example, in posts by adding a new article, older articles would be archived, while there is no such thing for tabs and the date is not expired, and only you can refer to the tabs and again Edit tabs. The date and time each page or tab is tied to its creation and for which RSS feeds are not included by default.


To add a sheet to the site, you can add or edit tabs from the dashboard menu. Most of these pages are not shared on social networks, which means the nature of these tabs is not shared. For example, you do not want to share the site’s privacy policy on social networks to inform users about its content, or whether the site’s pageview is enabled, and others have a comment or comment page for the page. By default, commenting and commenting for tabs is disabled.

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Tabs allow the design of the site to organize all the tabs and even design a custom WordPress template. WordPress tabs allow developers to customize the appearance of pages.


In most of the templates, writings and worksheets seem to look similar at first glance. But when you want to design a landing page (landing) or a gallery page, you can use the dedicated template features to make these pages. You can customize the tabs with different plugins and allow you to customize each page custom.

Key differences from VS sheet

In the following, you can see the key differences between posts and tabs in WordPress.

  • The number of entries in front of the pages is countless.
  • Posts are shared on social networks but not in the worksheets
  • Posts have hierarchies that are hierarchical using the categories and tags, but in the sheets, this hierarchy can be organized as a child and parent.
  • Posts can have RSS feeds, but no worksheets
  • The posts have the name of the author and the release date while they do not have the pages.

The above are the differences between the writing and the page, but these are the exceptions that you can use to expand the functionality of these two options using different plugins. Despite the differences mentioned, there are similarities between the writing and the paper.

Writings and worksheets are used to publish content. You can use text, pictures, forms, etc. in both. You can use these features for blogging or designing your own business web pages.

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