Avatar The role of CSS in web designing in plain language

Perhaps at first the question arises as to what CSS is and what application it has in website design . It’s better to talk a bit about it.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets A scripting style that comes with the help of code written with HTML and gives them an attractive look.

Without CSS, items written in HTML are only shown in headlines, tables, and paragraphs that are repeated over and over without color. These texts and content are arranged in defaults and have a dull appearance.

When the CSS footer and its code are used alongside HTML, the resulting pages have a bit of charm and beauty.

Using CSS, you can specify the elements and elements on web pages that color and size, and their location on the page.

All the appearance settings of a web page are done with the help of CSS codes, which allows you to apply some of the animations to the elements.

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Although most of the animations and animated elements found in the design of various websites are via javascript and jQuery, CSS can also be used.

How to place CSS codes on web design

1. CSS Codes can be coded in three ways. The first method is to use the inline stylesheet so that each element can be typed in the CSS’s initial tag.

2. The second method is to write CSS codes in the <head> tag. To do this, we write a <style> tag in the <head> tag and write CSS in it.

3. The third method is to use an external CSS file and link it to the Html file.

Using the first method is the worst way to apply CSS codes. Because of the bustle of codes. It even lowers the speed of the website.

And it’s best to use external CSS files. In this way, the codes are cleaner and you can see them all in one place. It also uses a similar style for elements that have the same class.

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