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How To Host Your Website In Windows ( WAMP)

Hosting your website does not require any monthly fees or technical knowledge to launch. If you have a small website that has only a few visitors, you can turn your computer into a WAMP server. The server is a server that you can use as a local server after designing your site .

Would you like to host it after designing your site ?

While hosting your website on your computer, it is very nice and interesting. But if you want your website to be accessible to people, then you need to get your web hosting from the site after you’ve got it.

Different Web sites usually host your site at a monthly cost. And it’s an easy way to start a website.

But if you want to have your site on a local server, read more.

What is vamp

WAMP stands for a few words (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP). When you download a WAMP, you just downloaded an app that installs three different things.

The WAMP is easy because it allows you to download and install all packages needed to host dynamic web content in one package. Otherwise, you must download three packages separately.

Windows-W is in WAMP to indicate that the program is compatible with Windows operating systems.

Apache – This is an application used to host your website. With it you can only leave HTML and other static web content.

-MySQL provides a database for your web content. Many dynamic web pages require the storage of data (for example, a username and password for web accounts), which is the result of MySQL.

PHP is the most popular language for writing dynamic web content so far. WordPress, Facebook, Joomla and many other websites and content management systems use PHP. If you plan to host anything over static web pages, PHP will be a must-have companion.

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Before you read the story, be careful not to recommend having a local server for anything beyond testing goals or hosting a small website for multiple visitors. And if you reboot the system (Windows Update), your website will disappear at the same time. So it’s not ideal for a serious website.

Install WAMP

There are a lot of WAMP programs, but we will work with WampServer. Download the latest version of the program and then start the installation.

The installation instructions are self explanatory. Just keep everything in your default setting and click the Next button. You can just click on Open to convert WampServer as your default browser whenever you want to look at your website:

Web Hosting at WAMP

Also make sure the security for Apache is added to the Windows Firewall:

Web Hosting at WAMP

When the installation is complete, click on the “Start WampServer 2 now” option before clicking Finish. You should see the application in your notification area.

Web Hosting at WAMP

Click the left icon and at the top of the Localhost menu, select “” to open your website.

Web Hosting at WAMP

The default page now shows us just a quick information page so we can confirm that all its components work properly. If you see this page, you successfully installed the WAMP server.

Configure WAMP

To change the page (s) that your web server displays, open the www directory by clicking the WAMP icon in the notification area.

Web Hosting at WAMP

The folder that opens is where you have to put any file you want to put on your website. Anything from WordPress installation files to HTML static files can be placed here and the changes will be reflected on your website at the same time (just click refresh).

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Let’s take an example of how to fade the content in that folder to provide it on your website. You can use a web development program or something simple like Notepad to create a PHP PHP page and put it on your website.

The following code will be a good start:



<title> PHP Test </ title>

</ head>


<? php echo ‘<p> Hello World </ p>’; ?>

</ body>

</ html>

Put this code in notepad and save your file as index.php inside the folder C: \ wamp \ www.

Web Hosting at WAMP

Now, if you have already opened it, go back to your website and click refresh or press the F5 button and you will see the page you created.

Web Hosting at WAMP

By default, your website is currently only accessible by a computer that has WampServer installed. This is appropriate for people who use their WAMP server for testing purposes only or for development purposes. But if you want your website to be visible all over the world, click on the WampServer icon and click on “Put Online”.

Web Hosting at WAMP

By default, the Apache configuration file is set to stop the input connections from all except for the localhost, so you must change the two lines of code so that other devices that try to see your website have the 403 Forbidden error “Do not observe. Click on the WampServer menu and the Apache subfolder to access the httpd.conf (Apache configuration file).

Web Hosting at WAMP

Scroll down to see the code below:

Order Deny, Allow

Deny from all

Delete it and write the code below:

Order Allow, Deny

Allow from all

Save changes to httpd.conf and click restart all services.

Web Hosting at WAMP

Your site should be accessible from the World Wide Web. If not, make sure to transfer port 80 to your computer on your router

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