The Most Complete Modem Error Reference (Part One)

600 If the system is dialing and re-dialing, this error will be displayed. 

601 Port Launcher is invalid. 

602 Port is now open, and the computer must be restarted for closure. 

603 Dialing buffer is too small. 

604 Incorrect information is specified. 

605 Can not determine Port information. 

606 Port not detected. 

607 Logging of modem events is invalid. 

608 Modem driver not installed. 

609 The modem driver type has not been identified. 

610 No buffer. 

611. Routing information is inaccessible. 

612 Can not find the correct path. 

613 Unsupported compression is selected.

614 Buffer overflow 

615. Port not found. 

616 An asynchronous request is in progress. 

617. The port or device is currently disconnected. 

618 Port does not open. (When an application uses a port). 

619. Port is disconnected (when an application uses a port). 

620 There is no end point. 

621 Can not open the Phonebook file. 

622 Can not load phonebook file. 

623 Can not find the phonebook entry. 

624. You can not write to the phone’s office file. 

625 Extreme information can be found in the telephone directory. 

626 Can not load the string. 

627 Can not find the key.

628 Port was interrupted. 

629 Port is disconnected by a remote device. (The modem driver is incorrect with the communication plan). 

630 Port is disconnected because of hardware failure. 

631. The port was disconnected by the user. 

632 The size of the data structure is incorrect. 

633 Port is currently being used and is not configured for Remote Access Dial-up (the correct boot is not known on the modem). 

634 Can not register your computer over the network. 

635 Error not specified. 

636 The wrong device is closed to the port. 

637 The string can not be changed. 

638 The request time has expired. 

639 Asynchronous network not available. 

640 NetBIOS error occurred.

641 The server can not provide the NetBIOS resources required to support the client. 

642 One of your NetBIOS names is now registered on the remote network (two computers want to be logged in with a name). 

643 .Dial-up adapter does not exist in Windows network. 

644 You will not receive popup messages from the network. 

645 An internal authentication has been found. 

646 Account at this time of day is not possible to log in. 

647 Account is disconnected. 

648 Password expired. 

649 The account does not allow Remote Access. (The name and password are not allowed to dial-up). 

650 The Remote Access server does not respond.

651 Your modem (or other connecting devices) has reported an error. (Modem error). 

652 An unspecified response is received from the device. 

653 Macro (Great Instruction). The macro requested by the driver is not available in the .INF file list. 

654 A command or a response in the .INF part of the device refers to an unspecified macro. 

655 The instruction (message) is not displayed in the .INF file. 

656 The (.doc) (default) command in the .INF file contains an unspecified instruction. 

657 The .INF file can not be opened. 

658 The device name is too long in the .INF file or in the .INI file. 

659 An .INI file refers to an unknown device name of a device.

660 The media .INI file does not respond to this command. 

661 The .INF file lost the command line. 

662 An attempt to put a non-listed macros in the .INF file has not been attempted. 

663 The media .INI file refers to an unknown type of device. 

664 Can not allocate memory. 

665 Port is not configured for Remote Access. 

666 Your modem (Yasser connecting devices) does not work at the moment. 

667 The media .INI file can not be read. 

668 The connection is gone. 

669 The parameter used in the media .INI file is invalid. 

670 Can not read the section name from the media .INI file. 

671. Can not read the device type from the media .INI file.

672. Can not read device name from media .INI file. 

673. Can not read the user from the media .INI file. 

674 Can not read the maximum BPS connection rate from the media .INI file. 

675 Can not read the maximum carrier BPS from the media .INI file. 

676 The line is occupied. 

677. The person answers the modem instead. 

678 There is no answer. 

679. Can not find the agent. 

680. The phone line is not connected. 

681 A general error is reported by the machine. 

682 Writing section name has a problem. 

683 Writing device type has encountered a problem. 

684writing device name .684 has a problem. 

685 Writing maxconnectbps has a problem.

686 Writing maxcarrierBPS has a problem. 

687 Writing usage is encountering a problem. 

688 Writing default off is a problem. 

689 Reading default off encountered a problem. 

690 INI file is empty. 

691 Access denied because the name and password on the domain are invalid. 

692. Hardware at the port or connected device has been disabled. 

693 Binary macro faces a problem. 

694 DCB error found. 

695 The machines of the conversation are not ready. 

696 Setting up of dialogue machines is difficult. 

697 Partial response looping is a problem. 

698 Answer the key in the INF file. The device is not in the format.

699. The device response triggers a buffer. 

700 The command attached to the INF file. The device is too long. 

701 The device changes to a non-supported BPS by the COM driver. 

702. The device response is received when no one expects. 

703 There is a problem in the current activity. 

704 Wrong callback number. 

705 Invalid invalid auth state. 

706 Invalid auth state has trouble. 

707 False mark x 25 

708. Account credit has expired. 

709 It is difficult to change the password on the domain. 

710 When communicating with your modem, your serial errors are saturated. 

711. Rasman initialization does not perform. Check performance report

712 The Biplex port is running. Wait a few seconds and re-dial. 

713 Active ISDN paths are disconnected in the main line. 

714 ISDN channels are not enough to make phone calls. 

715 There are many errors due to the poor quality of the telephone line. 

716 Remote access IP configuration is unusable. 

717. IP addresses do not exist in the static pool remote access IP. 

718 The PPP call deadline has expired. 

719 PPP ends with a remote machine. 

720 The ppp control protocols are not configured. 

721 The PPP counterpart does not respond. 

722 The PPP packet is invalid. 

723 Phone number including prefix and suffix is too long.

724 The IPX protocol can not run on the dial -out port, because the computer is an IPX routing path. 

725 IPX can not dial-in the port because the IPX router has not been installed. 

726 The IPX protocol can not be used for dial-out, on more than one port at a time. 

727 Can not be attached to TCPCFG file. DLL achieved. 

728 Can not find an IP adapter connected to remote access. 

729 SLIP is not used unless the IP protocol is installed. 

730 Computer registration is not complete. 

731. The protocol is not configured. 

732 Agreement between PPP has not been made. 

733 The PPP control protocol for the network protocol is not available on the server. 

734 The PPP link control protocol has been terminated.

735 The address requested by the server is denied. 

736 The remote computer stops the control protocol. 

737 Return point (LOOPBACK DETECTED) was detected. 

738 The server does not specify the address. 

739 The remote server can not use the ENCRYPTED Windows NT password. 

740 TAPI devices configured for remote access are not properly installed and ready. 

741 The local computer does not support encryption. 

742 The remote server does not support encryption. 

743 The remote server needs encryption. 

744 You can not use the IPX network number provided by the remote server to view the events report.

745 An important file has been damaged. Re-install dial-up networking. 

751 The callback number contains an invalid character. The following characters are only allowed: Space, T, P, W, (,), -, @. 0 to 9 

752 At the time of writing, a script error occurs. 

753 The connection can not be interrupted because it is created by a multiprotocol router. 

754 The system is unable to find a multi-channel bundle. 

755 The system is unable to execute automatic dialing because it has an ordinary dialer. 

756 This connection is currently dialed. 

757 Remote access services do not start on their own. More information is available in the event reports. 

758 Internet connection sharing is now available on this connection.

760 This error occurs when the routing capabilities are provided. 

761 This error is created when the Internet connection subscription is provided for this connection. 

763 Internet connection sharing is not active. There are two LAN connections or more, plus a connection that is shared with these LANs. 

764 Smart card reader is not installed. 

765 Internet connection sharing is not possible. A LAN connection with an IP address is currently configured that is required for automatic IP addressing. 

766 The system can not find any evidence. 

767 Internet connection sharing is not possible. A LAN connection is selected on the private network, which has configured more than one IP address. Configure the LAN connection with a separate IP address before connecting to the Internet.

768 The connection is denied because of the data encryption. 

769 A specific destination can not be reached. 

770 The remote device does not accept the attempt to connect. 

771 Connection actions are not performed because the network is occupied. 

772. The hardware of the remote computer network is not compatible with the type of phone it needs. 

773 It is not possible to establish a connection because the destination number has changed. 

774 Due to temporary failure, the connection is not made. 

775 The call was stopped by a remote computer. 

776 The phone conversation can not be connected because the destination wants to retain the feature. 

777 The connection does not take place because the modem (or other communication devices) is difficult on the remote computer. 

778 Confirmation of server identity is impossible.

779 You must use a smartcard to dial-out. 

780. The operation performed for this connection is invalid. 

781. Encryption is not performed because a valid certificate is not found. 

782 The network address translation (NAT) is currently installed as a routing protocol and should be deleted before the Internet connection subscription is provided. 

783 Internet connection sharing is not possible. A LAN connection that is either not provided as a private network or disconnected from the network. Please make sure to connect the LAN adapter before providing an Internet connection.

784 While you are using this connection at logon time, you can not dial, because this connection is configured to use a user name different from the username on the smartcard. If you want to use it when log in, you must configure it to use (username) on its smart card. 

785 If you use this connection at logon time, you can not dial because it is not configured to use a smartcard. If you want to use it at log-time, you must correct the connection options so that the smartcard is used. 

786. You do not accept L2TP connection because there are no valid certificates for security authentication on your computer.

787 L2TP connection is impossible because the security layer can not authenticate the remote computer. 

788 An attempt to create a L2TP connection is futile because the security layer can not provide the parameters that are compatible with the remote computer. 

789. An attempt to connect L2TP is not provided because the security layer encounters a processing error during the compatibility with the remote computer. 

790 An attempt is not made to connect L2TP because the certification of the certificate on a remote computer is not possible. 

791 L2TP connection is not possible because the security policy for the connection is not found. 

792 L2TP connection does not take place because the security agreement time has expired. 

793 L2TP connection is not possible because this error occurs while it comes to security.

794 The RADIUS attribute is not a PPP user. 

795 The RADIUS tunnel type for this user is incorrect. 

796 The RADIUS feature of the service type is not formatted or formatted callback. 

797 Modem was not found. 

798 A certificate is not recognized that can be used as a proxy. 

799 Internet connection sharing is not possible because there are two IPs similar to each other on the network. ICs require hosts to be configured to use 192, 168, 0, 1. Make sure no other client has been configured to use 192, 168, 0, 1. 

800 Not able to create a VPN connection. The VPN server is not available, or security parameters may not be configured correctly for connection

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