Tips for setting up a server room

In general, datacentre is designed to maintain the continuous operation of computer servers in a building or station. The server room is also designed for this purpose, but its space is smaller than the data center. If you have a small business, then a small server room is enough for you. But you should not think that a small server room does not require a proper design. In fact, having a reliable design to avoid future troubles is very necessary. A well-organized server room ensures the effectiveness and survival of your business. This article introduces some of the considerations that are required to set up a server room.
Rack selection with the right dimensions

With the growth of the company, you may increase the amount of your equipment day by day. Putting these equipment in a safe working environment is dangerous. A small incident such as pouring tea on equipment or slipping it may bring a lot of damage. Using Rack Server effectively addresses all these problems. But how can we choose a rack to fit your needs? Most importantly, a server rack with sufficient interior space is very useful for future development of equipment. Today, racks come in two types: stand and wall mounts. But remember that it does not matter which one of these two types you choose, compliance with the installation instructions can protect your rack from shaking it from interference and other damage.

Isolating servers to prevent noise

If the budget allows you to set up a separate server room, you can effectively reduce noise and protect equipment from accidents, robbery, physical manipulation and vandalism. However, small companies may not have the option of placing a rack in the corner of the room. Therefore, the use of noise reduction racks can help you reduce noise in such spaces. In general, sound insulation is not possible per hundredth, but it can greatly reduce noise.

Heat and heat control

The high temperature at the rack can dramatically decrease the lifetime of the equipment or cause a malfunction or deterioration. For the safety of the equipment and its surroundings, you need to have a cooling strategy to control the heat. Installing an air conditioner can be a good way to cool the equipment and reduce the ambient temperature. Also, a structured cabling will help you control the temperature.

Proper cable management

Never consider the cable management anything unnecessary and do not overdo it. Sometimes it is a hidden danger to the future. It’s best to manage cables from the beginning and isolate the cables best. The regular classification of cables behind the devices allows you to easily access the server. By classifying the cables, the cables are first placed together in a bundle and then closed together. Tools such as cable grip can help you manage cables.

Use labels to mark cables

Another thing that helps you better manage server rooms is to label all cables. This way you can easily identify the correct cable in a short time. This will prevent the occurrence of such things as pulling the system cable or restarting without warning. When you label the cables, you must use a unique identifier to identify cables to identify where cables are connected. Currently there are packages available for market labeling.


The server room is a necessary part of your company, which includes all the important equipment of the company. Establishing a suitable server room will help you keep the equipment from harm and increase your productivity. Of course, if you do not have enough knowledge and skills in setting up the server room, you should consult with experts

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