Selection criteria for network monitoring system

What criteria should be considered in choosing a monitoring system?

The criteria for choosing a monitoring system for managers and network professionals may vary, and criteria may be important for an expert in an organization, but for a specialist in another organization, that criterion will be prioritized. Here are eight important factors for choosing a monitoring system.

  • Is the monitoring system integrated or integrated, or should multiple add-ons be installed next to it?
  • Is the monitoring system simply configurable?
  • Does this system have all the functions required by the organization?
  • Will alert messages be forwarded to the system administrator in real time?
  • Can a person (network technician) manage the system?
  • Does this system require special hardware?
  • Is there support and installation support for customers by the manufacturer and its dealers?
  • Is Monitoring System Affordable?

Small and medium-sized enterprises, like large organizations, are dependent on efficient and sustainable infrastructure to maintain their business. Increasing the availability time through network monitoring and mapping, as well as providing warnings for real and potential failures, is a vital mission. In the IT products and services market, there are a variety of solutions and products for doing this, but organizations must choose the best product that meets their requirements and requirements. The 8 criteria and considerations that are discussed below will be discussed by each of them, from the viewpoint of IT professionals, are important criteria that should be considered when searching for the selection of monitoring software.

Integrated and integrated

A comprehensive and free solution makes it easier to make purchasing decisions and reduce the installation challenges, and reduces or blocks the overhead and additional costs of installing add-ons. Some vendors of network monitoring systems provide a base product and provide the corresponding list of extension modules to the client to allow the end user to create their own custom capabilities, which complicates the installation and confusion of the manager. When configured, but against some vendors, they offer an integrated and comprehensive product with all the features. IT professionals must choose an integrated product to ensure that the product can support what they need in the future and prevent the installation of additional add-ons and unforeseen additional costs.


When monitoring software is installed, the IT specialist must provide a map of the devices that are monitored and monitored. For this purpose, there is a user-friendly graphical interface that does not need to edit text files.

Ensuring that the product chosen by the network administrator has a powerful auto-discovery mechanism and can quickly and accurately scan for the network and find all connected hardware and monitor software requirements. , It is essential. Sometimes manual work should also be done, but not a lot of time to identify the main connecting equipment.

Supports various functions

General information about active time, packet loss, response time, and error rates are widely used in many current solutions. If an organization is extremely worried about bandwidth loss, then there should be a system that can analyze packet flow information (such as NetFlow and sFlow). The flexibility to monitor every hardware, software or traffic is important.

Many large physical networks are scattered across buildings and locations, and even cities and countries, so the monitoring system should be able to support the distribution and extension of these networks and centralized unit management. The network administrator wants to have a glimpse of the network status by checking the network map and monitoring it on a single page to quickly highlight the status and the problem points. The existence of a set of warnings and information to the manager, when not in the workplace, can be very important.

Creating one-click graphs and pre-existing reports requires time reduction for evaluations and analyzes. Monitoring the performance of systems and virtualized servers that are used today in many networks is essential. Asset Monitoring, Network Traffic Capacity, Software, Network Security and Configuration, as well as monitoring and monitoring of network access control are the essential features of the monitoring solution.

Prompt prompt

If the device that the network administrator is monitoring and monitoring has a malfunctioning or failed function, the administrator will promptly notify and minimize the response time of the end user. To this end, the software should be able to sample the network every 30 seconds. Create custom and user-friendly alerts and set up alert rules for the features of a monitoring system.

Since some organizations face a lack of experts in the network team, the warning mechanism that supports several types of alerts (email, SMS, etc.), as well as the simplicity of alerting an individual to an individual, and even moving to another and changing the timing fast To alert the system’s mandatory features.


needed human resources

The monitoring system should be designed in such a way that the consultant does not need much to install. It should be kept in mind that some specific software solutions need to spend a lot of time and effort and have a lot of complexity. Normally, with a professional, simple and convenient system, one expert is required to monitor hundreds of machines in an organization, despite having different responsibilities and responsibilities. Therefore, the network administrator can provide 24-hour access to the outside of the workplace through secure and robust remote access to the network and, with the help of timely warnings, increase the network efficiency of the monitoring system.

Specific hardware

The monitoring system should not spend the maximum memory, RAM, or processor on its operation. The monitoring system does not have to limit the network administrator’s cost to provide a powerful server for this purpose. In general, the monitoring system should have the highest performance and performance while using the most common hardware.

customer services

Organizations or corporations need to have a strong support center and skilled professionals who ensure that they occur at the time of events, problems and events during the initial installation and configuration of the system and are accessible and responsive at any moment. Monitoring systems are mature and complete technologies, so after installing and configuring, they need the least support and customer service.


The network monitoring software market is a highly competitive market. Small and medium-sized companies with a capacity of 100 or fewer can not afford to spend a few hundred dollars on software licensing. There are cheap or free softwares in this area, but they have poor support, little documentation, and complexity when installed and configured against valid products. To this end, it is important to pay attention to the function and support of the system, as it may impose a lot of overhead after the application of the software.

One of the software which, in addition to providing strong and affordable customer support and services, is simple to install and easy to manage, and it does not require special hardware and has various functions integrated and distributed and Virtualization also supports zebicks monitoring software (Zabbix).


If selected at the time of selection and the correct system is selected for network monitoring, network efficiency will be improved and optimized by IT professionals with minimal management and cost. In short, a powerful monitoring system should be seamless, cost effective, and configurable, supporting multiple functions and real-time alerts, and, in addition to simply installing and configuring on regular hardware, to manage a lot of manpower needs. Do not have strong sales support from the seller

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