This licensing suite includes:

Auto Tiering Data:  This feature results in the most used data being transferred dynamically to Flash memory and less data usage data to SAS drives.

512 Snapshots per device:  Provides fast recovery.

Remote replication:  greatly increases the availability of the service and data.

So, the idea behind Flash Stroich design, simplicity and high performance, along with cost-effectiveness, can be said.


Features :

Fast and affordable services:  storage, HP MSA 2052 in addition to the cost of 200,000 c IOPS and 1.6 TB of flash capacity supports up to twice the performance increase.

Advanced services without the need for  prior experience :  It is not mandatory to have a very high level of knowledge and experience in this stroke since installation and maintenance operations in this storage can be done more easily. It also provides the ability to tiering data by default.

Enhanced Data  Protection : This virtualization Snapshot storage device provides fast and easy data security and recovery. Also, by purchasing a Remote Snap license, replication can be provided between one or two other devices equipped with a Fiber Channel or iSCSI protocol.

Flexibility in growth and development without time constraints:  If needed, the HP MSA 2052 Strobich can easily be resized

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